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Melamine desks are the best solution for desks in offices, offices and work centres. It is undoubtedly an interesting option thanks to its advantages, price and versatility.

At DESMON we have a wide and recently renewed catalogue of different melamine finishes. We are specialists in office furniture and we can assure you that desks made of this material are indispensable.

Melamine coated desks can be customised and made to measure to fit the available space. Moreover, they are not only used in offices. White melamine board is a regular fixture in many rooms in the home. It is often the perfect support for the study tasks of the youngest and is also used to enable offices where teleworking.

DESMON would like to talk to you about melamine desks so that you can get to know their main features. We will also explain all the benefits it provides. Let’s get into the subject.


Melamine desks can have different base materials. The melamine veneer with the desired finish and appearance is then laid on top of them. Basically, there are 3 types of boards for building melamine desks. We go over them.

  • Chipboard. This board is made from pressed wood chips and a mixture of resins and glues. Heat and pressure are applied to this mixture to obtain sheets of different thicknesses. It is undoubtedly the most sustainable material because its manufacture uses parts of the tree that are usually discarded. Normally, pine or poplar wood is used.
  • Medium density board or MDF. This is a very common material in melamine desks. In this case, the pine or spruce wood is dehulled with thermo-mechanical machinery. The resulting fibre is then pressed and mixed with resin. The finish is particularly smooth, pleasant and uniform. However, no recycled wood or wood waste is used in MDF panels.
  • Plywood. This board is made by joining veneer sheets together, which must be laid in a certain order. The structure is glued and pressed together and birch, poplar, walnut or cherry are commonly used.

Once it has been decided which type of board to use, the melamine veneer is laid. The finish can faithfully imitate wood and is available in a wide range of colours.


Now that we know the manufacturing process, let’s review all the benefits of using melamine desks.

Resistance and hardness

Melamine desks are firm and solid pieces of furniture. It is a material that resists scratches and impacts. In addition, it does not deteriorate under humid conditions and resists contact with water vapour. For this reason, melamine is also often used in kitchen and bathroom furniture.

On the other hand, it does not spread flames and is very resistant to fire. It withstands temperature changes and direct sunlight without deterioration.

Finally, the daily and continuous use to which a melamine desk is subjected does not in any way damage its appearance or its solidity.


Design and accessories

Melamine desks can be manufactured with accessories that multiply their functions. It is clear that the desk is the main element and the standard measurements can be 140x75x60 (width x height x depth). Ideally, it should be large enough to work comfortably. The desk should house the more than likely keyboard and computer monitor, notebooks, catalogues or diaries.

A common option is to add a drawer unit, also made of melamine, on the side without disturbing when placing the legs. In addition, an adjoining shelf of the same height as the desk can be included as storage space.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the legs. Melamine boards can be placed on the sides to act as a support or metal legs can be used. In this case, they should ideally be adjustable in height.

At this point, it is worth considering whether it will be necessary to move the melamine desk. If the answer is yes, it is possible to equip the legs with wheels that incorporate a brake. If the desk is not to be moved, it is best to place non-slip blocks on the end that comes into contact with the floor.

L-shaped desks are usually made of melamine and are an ideal choice for office work. A wing is added to the desk to enlarge the space and even make it easier for employees to meet and exchange information.


Variety of finishes and colours

Melamine desks can be manufactured in a variety of finishes and colours. Undoubtedly, this is a material that imitates wood very well and even simulates the grain present in the noble material.

Depending on the finish chosen, it will have a more or less textured surface, knots and/or grain. This factor will slightly affect the smoothness of the surface to the touch.

The colours are numerous and range from the classic white desk to black, grey or brown in different intensities. If you are looking for a more natural look, you can opt for melamine desks that imitate oak, beech, cedar, pine, birch or walnut wood.


Affordable price

Finally, we would like to emphasise the excellent value for money offered by melamine desks. They are much more affordable than those made of natural wood or metal. In addition, their useful life is very long and their amortisation over the years is more than assured.


The usefulness of melamine desks and all their advantages are clear. They are sturdy, functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces of office furniture. They are easy to clean and can be complemented with accessories.

At DESMON we can take care of the design, manufacture and assembly of the melamine desks you need. We can adjust to the space available and offer you desks and tables made to measure. Our catalogue of finishes and colours is extensive and we can integrate the pieces into the corporate decoration.

If you need more information, contact us and get a customised quote full of personalised solutions.

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