You know how important it is to be comfortable in your chair in order to be productive and work well. Back pain is one of the main causes of doctor’s visits among the adult population, and this is largely due to body posture.

DESMON ergonomic chairs ensure quality, comfort and design at an exceptional price. Thanks to the lumbar support and adjustable seat, they take the shape of your body and adapt to you. So you don’t strain your back or lower back. Ergonomic chairs ensure quality, comfort and design at an exceptional price. Thanks to the lumbar support and adjustable seat, they take the shape of your body and adapt to you, so you don’t strain your back or lower back.

Management armchairs

Armchairs that combine laboratory-tested components such as castors, aluminium base, synchro mechanism pistons, adjustable backrest and armrests.

Made with elegant upholstery and padding, these office chairs will give a distinguished look to your office, and at the same time guarantee comfort. Their backrest, made with a highly resistant elastic mesh, is manufactured in different models and ranges, depending on the comfort and functionality you want to give to the product.

Computer chairs

Chairs tested by testing laboratories that combine comfort and functionality from its mechanisms, rolling, seat and backrest. We have a wide range of finishes and upholstery as well as models, depending on the needs (and hours) that you are going to be using them.

The best computer chairs are designed with a well-padded seat and backrest, armrests and full mobility in their axes, to ensure that we can stretch our bodies and their comfort.


Chairs designed for reception desks based above all on proven comfort for intensive use, which will be used in the seat, backrest, armrests and upholstery, combined with a wide range of finishes and upholstery tested for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.


Waiting armchairs made up of independent, double or triple modules with or without armrests for waiting areas whose main feature is comfort when in use. Reinforced interior structures and finishes to match the rest of the seating with a wide range of upholstery.


Waiting benches made of reinforced structure to join seats of two, three, four and up to five units, tried and tested. These single shell seats have been designed for intensive use due to the area where they will be located and can be made of varnished laminated beech wood or polypropylene with a range of seven colours to choose from the catalogue.


Also known as training chairs with adjustable arm table, they are lightweight and easy to move.  These are chairs for writing, ideal for filling exam rooms or training spaces with a reduced size. Beautiful chairs, with different finishes to choose from seven models in our catalogue.


Various models of stackable chairs, both in a structure with legs and a sled base for better storage in training or conference areas. They are also event chairs, ideal for convenient storage and access when you need them.


Medium sized chairs in both seat and backrest for small spaces between them with or without armrests and a wide range of upholstery to choose from.


Waiting tables with chrome structure and transparent glass base measuring 52 cm by 52 cm and a height of 43 cm with anti-slip floor stops, designed for waiting and customer service areas.

DESMON COMPANY, attends, studies, projects and personalizes the work for the client in a professional way by means of a team of people who study all the needs so that the final result is satisfactory, because at the end of the day that is what matters most to us.

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