Wooden panels for wall cladding

Wooden panels for wall cladding

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Wooden panels for wall cladding is a simple way to make a space more welcoming. The warmth of a noble material such as wood always provides a more comfortable environment. Moreover, lining the walls with wood is a much more comfortable alternative to paint or wallpaper.

In workplaces, lining walls with wood is a way of separating spaces. Transitions from one area to another are much smoother and provide excellent continuity. Wooden wall panelling in an office is therefore an increasingly common option. With this material you can achieve modern and avant-garde atmospheres, as well as rustic and more classic spaces.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture and we have developed several projects that included lining the walls with wood. The result has always been of a high aesthetic value that has complemented the rest of the decoration.

In this article we want to give you the keys to use wooden panels for wall cladding. We will talk to you about the previous steps and about the materials that can be used for the lining. Without a doubt, these are tips that you can apply in offices or offices and also in various rooms in private homes. Let’s get down to business.

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If you are thinking of renovating your office, wood is always a good option. Walls lined with this noble material provide an extra touch of elegance and comfort.

Ideally, you should put yourself in the hands of professionals to take care of the whole process. Don’t be afraid, the work will be short and clean, but the advice of an expert will shorten the timescale even more.


First of all, it is interesting to look at the space and analyse the layout of the room. It is important to know whether the walls will receive natural or artificial light, whether it is going to be an area with high foot traffic, whether a false ceiling is going to be installed or, for example, whether there will be an armchair or a seating area. All these details can tip the balance towards one type of wood finish or another.

It is also advisable to know the layout of possible furniture to be installed in the area. In this way, it will be possible to adjust the design and characteristics and combine it with the tone of the Wooden panels for wall cladding.


Installing wooden panels for wall cladding has many aesthetic advantages. It is a very decorative and elegant material, no doubt. However, there are more benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Wooden panels for wall cladding hide any construction defects in the walls. This is much more difficult if you opt for paint or wallpaper. With cladding, it is no longer necessary to cover up cracks or holes.
  • Wooden panels cladding provides very interesting energy savings. This is because it is a thermal insulator that helps to maintain the right temperature in the room. In addition, it also works as an acoustic insulator by reducing the propagation of sound and avoiding annoying reverberations.
  • It is very easy to install and it is not necessary to do wet and annoying works. You only have to fix the wooden planks on the wall and finish off the joints.
  • The economic savings are also important. Lining the walls with wood is cheaper than masonry work including painting. In that sense, the competitive price of the material is a decisive factor.
  • The final appearance is pleasant, cosy, warm and very elegant. The wooden panels does not require a lot of maintenance and a slightly damp cloth is sufficient to keep it clean. This makes it easy to remove any dust that has accumulated.


There are various types of wood for wall cladding. You can opt for solid wood, but at DESMON we value the properties of MDF-based boards. They are much more resistant and just as decorative.

In environments that require a high degree of hygiene, phenolic material is a very suitable option. We review some of the possibilities for lining walls with wood.


At DESMON, as specialists in wooden panels for wall cladding and one of our options is MDF or chipboard. This material is constructed using wood fibres that undergo a pressing process together with synthetic resins. The high wood content of 85% makes these panels very easy to work with and they can be milled as if they were solid wood.

On the other hand, it is a material on which a wide variety of stains and paints can be used, which is why DESMON has a wide range of colours available. Another important advantage of MDF is that it is much cheaper than natural wood. Thus, if the project consists of lining wooden walls in large areas, the budget will always be kept within much more reasonable margins than if it were done with solid wood.

Finally, at DESMON we work the panels in such a way that we can offer you varnished, lacquered or melamine wood finishes.


This is an option that is losing popularity due to the level of preparation and maintenance it requires. Natural wood planks are very aesthetic, but before placing them on the wall they need a previous process. It is advisable to apply a fireproof treatment to eliminate the possibility of insect pests.

It is also advisable to prepare them for the humidity and temperature changes that occur in an office with the arrival of heat. In fact, high temperatures can cause the wood to expand and cause damage.

Care must be taken because any impact can cause a mark or wear on the planks. And finally, it requires intensive maintenance with varnishes and protective coatings that cannot be neglected.

For all these reasons, the MDF-based boards mentioned above are the most suitable option. The fibres are already treated and do not require such intensive maintenance. In addition, they look exactly the same and have the same appearance as natural wood. Resistance to knocks, wear and tear and temperature changes is guaranteed.

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We have already pointed out that wooden panels for wall cladding with MDF wood is an interesting choice due to the cosy result of the renovated area and the low economic cost. However, from Desmon we offer you other options that have characteristics that make them ideal for certain spaces


If you are looking for an external noise insulation system for auditoriums, art galleries, museums or function rooms as well as wall cladding, you should opt for Topakustik® louvres.

Similarly, you should also consider installing them as a good sound insulator in offices. It has been proven that a noisy work area has a negative impact on staff performance and product quality. With this type of acoustic lining you will achieve privacy, comfort and a much clearer interior sound, the quality of which will be optimised by the wall lining.


Finally, we present the phenolic panels with which you can also cover walls and do it in a hygienic way. The main quality of phenolic material is its hygiene. Its surface does not absorb any type of bacteria or humidity. For this reason, it is very common to install it on walls in changing rooms, hospitals or toilets.

If you are thinking of wooden panels for wall cladding, at Desmon we will be delighted to offer you our options. We work with the intention of improving spaces and providing offices, offices and other facilities with the best products to achieve comfort, safety and practicality.


The possibilities we offer don’t end there. Once you have decided on the colour and finish, you can choose between 3 different models. These are: tongue-and-groove, design or interlining. Any of them is a perfect option for lining walls and you will only have to assess which one fits best in the area you are going to renovate.

In the same way, the wall fastening systems vary and are adapted according to the characteristics of each situation.


If you are thinking about wooden panels for wall cladding, DESMON will be delighted to offer you our options. We work in direct contact with the client and propose options based on their needs.

Our experience in office design has allowed us to know what are the most common needs in these spaces. The integration of wood panelling with the rest of the decoration is usually simple thanks to the nobility of the material. It is a common resource in many modern office design and distribution projects. It is a practical, economical and highly decorative option.

At DESMON we have a multidisciplinary team that deals with the design, manufacture and assembly of all our pieces. We work with the intention of improving spaces and providing offices, offices and other facilities with the best products to achieve comfort, safety and practicality.

If you need more information, contact us and get a customised quote.

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