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The latest trends in interior design are leading us towards flexible housing. Architecture and decoration professionals are increasingly opting for multi-purpose spaces. Until now, this philosophy has been imposed in offices and workplaces. However, there are elements that are making the transition to private homes. This is the case with movable partitions for housing.

These partitioning elements are commonplace in workplaces and indispensable in many offices. Mobile partition walls are now being installed in private homes. Space utilisation is their main task.

DESMON has a lot of experience in equipping workplaces. For this reason, we know perfectly which are the essential pieces of office furniture. All our experience has led us to identify the usefulness of certain types of office furniture in the home. Thus, we have opted to take pieces such as dividers or partitions out of the workplace. Surely, mobile partitions for housing are the clearest option. They are pieces that provide endless advantages and benefits, so why not use these dividing elements in our own home?

At DESMON we are committed to this and we would like to explain all the benefits of installing movable partitions in private homes. Don’t miss out on the details.


It is a truism that everyone likes to enjoy their home and spend time in their personal space. However, it has been the covid-19 pandemic that has forced us to lock ourselves in our 4 walls and spend 24 hours a day without going out.

From March 2020, the home became an office, an office, a school, a library, a study room, a newsroom, a radio studio or even a television studio. It was then that we realised that our home needed more flexibility. These changes in our way of life made us reflect on the usefulness of certain rooms in our home. It was necessary to adapt them to the new activity.

Indeed, the key words were and still are flexibility and adaptability. The creation of multi-purpose spaces that could be assembled and disassembled with ease became a must. This is where mobile partitions for housing come into play. Creating enclosed spaces by simply deploying removable partition walls is now possible in your own home.



Telecommuting is here to stay. It is true that most companies have opted for a hybrid model that combines working days in the office with working days at home. However, when it comes to working at home, it is essential to have a suitable place to do so.

There is always the option of occupying the living or dining room or finding a corner in the bedroom, but this is often not operational. The rest of the family must be able to move around the house freely and the worker needs a certain amount of privacy.

The solution of installing movable partitions in the home is a good idea. The sheets can be folded up against the wall and by simply pulling them out, a partition wall can be created to create space. Concentrating on the task at hand will be much easier.

The same is true when attending an online class. If you create a study area with movable living partitions, it will be much easier to follow the teacher’s explanation. The students will be more concentrated and the rest of the family will be able to carry on with their daily lives.



There is a wide variety of finishes for mobile partitions for homes. It is advisable to choose according to the activity to be carried out in the space. However, it is also important to integrate the partitions into the decoration of the house.

Movable glass partition walls are perfect for use in bright and spacious rooms. One important factor in their favour is that they help to divide the space but do not impose a sense of isolation. The reason is that, as they are made of transparent glass, visual contact beyond the partition is assured.

They are usually the most commonly used option for separating the kitchen from the rest of the living room. In this way, the transmission of odours to the rest of the house is avoided, but the space remains integrated into the whole.

If the intention is to have a more rustic and warm space, it is advisable to opt for mobile wooden partitions. They are very appropriate in second homes where you are looking for spaces to work or study without renouncing the natural environment.

Finally, mobile partitions for homes made of melamine offer many possibilities. Firstly, it is possible to apply different finishes imitating other materials such as wood or metal. Secondly, this support is highly resistant to impacts, temperature changes and continuous use. Finally, it is very easy to clean and has a very basic maintenance.



Any masonry reform carried out in an inhabited dwelling involves very uncomfortable inconveniences. Erecting a brick wall or partition wall involves noise, dust, damp, draughts and a long construction time.

On the other hand, if the option is to install movable partition walls for homes, quick and clean assembly is assured. The partition wall can run on guides laid in the floor or fold up on itself with an anchor at the top.

Installation is carried out quickly and the tools are no more than a drill and hardware for movable partition walls. No dust, no dirt, no paint or cement smells.



Another interesting advantage of mobile partitions for homes is that they are highly decorative. Whether they are made of glass, wood or melamine, the integration in the decoration of the rest of the house is very high.

In the same way, they can be personalised by adding a motif, initials or sheets that add a touch of style to the room in which they are installed.


As you have seen, there are many advantages of movable partition walls for housing. They bring flexibility to the home and move it away from the traditional model of fixed walls that do not adapt to daily life. To achieve a good installation of partition walls, the best thing to do is to put yourself in the hands of professionals.

DESMON invites you to contact us for a customised estimate. We are specialists in offering customised solutions and we will analyse your space to obtain the best result. We have a multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and installs all our mobile partitions for homes. Call us and we will discuss how to divide your home.

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