Of the wide range of phenolic lockers that exist in the market, DESMON offers a highly resistant phenolic locker due to the quality and thickness of the phenolic board used in its manufacturing process, unlike many of those that exist in the sector, providing our product with a high quality finish and great durability.

Our phenolic lockers for changing rooms are made entirely of phenolic compact board. The phenolic compact board is a high density material with excellent behaviour against mechanical or chemical aggressions. It is made from cellulose sheets homogenised with phenolic resins and compacted at high pressure and temperature, according to European standard EN-438-Part 1.

This results in a product that is highly resistant to humidity, heat and steam, capable of withstanding vandalism, fire, rubbing, graffiti and in general any other type of aggression. Fire performance C-s1, d0 (STANDARD). Water absorption less than 3% according to UNE EN 438-2. Density of the phenolic board: 1450 Kg/m3 according to DIN 53479.

There is a total absence of pores, which makes this material rot-proof, anti-corrosive and non-parasitic. Inner core in black colour. Non-toxic and chemically inert surface which allows its daily use without any danger for the users. It does not require a great deal of maintenance.

DESMON phenolic lockers are suitable for public areas, hospitals, sports facilities, spa areas, hotels and areas of heavy use, the price of lockers may vary depending on the technical characteristics and the desired finishes such as types of locks, anchors, … Mostly where hygiene and space organization play a key role in the storage of personal belongings or objects.


The body of our lockers for changing rooms is made of 10mm thick phenolic board in white finish. It incorporates a hanging bar in modules of 1 and 2 doors.

Closing its rear space by means of a 4mm thick phenolic back in white duly perforated to allow perfect ventilation inside the locker.

The phenolic locker module is supported on PVC levelling pedestals and can be finished off, if requested, with a decorative plinth, front and sides in the same colour or in contrast with the doors.

The door is manufactured using 12mm phenolic board in high-pressure decorative laminate (HPL) finishes to be chosen according to our standard colours (White 0001 / Blue 0711 / Grey 0211) or available colour chart. In terms of design and number of doors per module there is a wide variety of configurations, either in rectangular format with slightly rounded corners, “L” format or customised option.

Each door is fitted with a standard slide lock and key, with a choice of other customised locking options. Padlock type, coin operated or electronic coded opening locks. Fixed to the locker body with cup hinges.

If the installation requires it, we can offer our customers the top finish of the Phenolic Lockers for changing rooms with sloping ceilings.


At Desmon we offer a wide range of phenolic lockers with a variety of finishes and colours, of the highest quality and guarantees at the best price.

DESMON’s changing room lockers are suitable for public areas, hospitals, sports facilities, spa areas, hotels, where hygiene and space organisation play a fundamental role in the storage of personal belongings or objects. We have a wide range of locker formats for changing rooms or bathrooms with high quality measurements and finishes.

The phenolic locker modules are made of compact material of homogenised cellulose resins with thermo-hardened phenolic resins, black inner core.

PVC levelling feet and fittings according to DIN 7981/2. The configuration of the doors can be rectangular or L-shaped.

If you have a new project or a reform, we can offer you a personalised advice that adapts to your needs and objectives, we will provide you with the price of phenolic lockers. At Desmon, we can also offer you sanitary cabins for bathrooms, in order to be able to carry out a complete project for sports areas.

Types of lockers for changing rooms

DTF Series Phenolic Lockers

The DTF series is made up of modules of up to four doors with a rectacgular design. It has height-adjustable legs, perforated back for ventilation and stainless steel fittings.

Modelo Serie DTF

DTFL Series Phenolic Lockers

The DTFL series consists of two-door modules arranged in an “L” shape, offering an efficient alternative for the storage of longer items. It has height adjustable legs, perforated back to favour ventilation and stainless steel fittings.

Modelo Serie DTF

Locker Details

Placa trasera | DESMON

Perforated back

Cerradura estándar | DESMON

Standard lock

Coin lock

Stainless steel fittings

Height adjustable legs (PVC)

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