What is a supended ceiling and how much does it cost to install?

Suspended ceiling. What is it and how much does it cost?

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The suspended ceiling is a practical and highly decorative option. It consists of a series of panels made of different materials that are installed at a prudent distance from the original ceiling. They are attached to a metal structure of weight-bearing profiles.

The purpose of suspended ceilings is to provide a space through which installations, wiring and pipes can pass. These conduits are hidden from view, but are fully accessible because the ceiling panels can be easily removed.

Decorative suspended ceilings can be continuous or tile ceilings. The demountable tiles are made of plaster, plasterboard, fibre or steel. The result is a removable, accessible and highly decorative ceiling. They can be installed in offices, offices or commercial premises. They are also installed in homes where suspended ceilings for bathrooms are an increasingly popular solution.

At DESMON we have a lot of experience in the installation of different types of ceilings. We have an extensive catalogue that includes acoustic, continuous or designer models. We are convinced that installing suspended ceilings is a very practical solution for offices and offices. With this post we would like to explain what a suspended ceiling is and how much it costs to install.


Plasterboard and plaster are probably the most popular materials for suspended ceilings. However, there are more innovative options that include insulation features. The choice can depend on the finish you want to achieve. Let’s take a look at all the different types of decorative suspended ceilings available on the market.


Plasterboard is the most popular suspended ceiling. Each board consists of thin sheets of plasterboard that are placed between 2 layers of cardboard or cellulose of varying thickness. This type of ceiling requires a considerable distance from the original ceiling. The sheets are screwed to aluminium profiles hanging from the original ceiling. Sure, the finish is homogeneous and keeps the profile structure visible.

The plasterboard has a certain flexibility that makes assembly much easier and it is practically impossible for cracks to appear on the surface of the panels. In addition, the assembly is clean.


The main ingredient of plaster is gypsum and, in the case of the ceiling, it makes up to 85% of its composition. In this case, the plaster ceiling is made up of panels that are fastened together using esparto grass tow. The structure is solid but tends to crack over time.

The installation is usually more messy because plaster and esparto grass are used. Therefore, the plaster mass can create residues and dust. However, the distance between the two structures can be less than in the case of plasterboard.


This suspended ceiling option has a very similar appearance to plasterboard. However, there is an important difference and that is that this model can include rock wool. This factor considerably enhances its acoustic insulation and makes the panels very light.

This suspended ceiling option has a very similar appearance to plasterboard. However, there is an important difference and that is that this model can include rock wool. This factor considerably enhances its acoustic insulation and makes the panels very light.

On the other hand, the installation of this fibre model can be carried out with the aluminium structure hidden or visible.


This type of suspended ceiling is made of Topakustik® slats. This material has two interesting functions. On the one hand, it insulates the room from external noise and at the same time eliminates interior reverberation. This provides optimum sound quality and is therefore used in restaurants, classrooms or museums.

In this case, the aluminium profiles that form the structure can also remain visible or hidden. The end result is very elegant thanks to its wood-like appearance.


The bathroom is often a room where a suspended ceiling is almost indispensable. The recess is used to hide water pipes or air conditioning machines. Well, the best option for a suspended ceiling in the bathroom is undoubtedly plasterboard.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is a hygienic material that includes a fireproof and waterproof treatment. Likewise, it allows lamps or light fittings to be hung from it and has a very long service life.

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When calculating a quotation for the installation of a suspended ceiling, the main cost will be the installation of the profiles and panels. However, there are a number of factors that can increase the initial price and should be taken into account.

Firstly, the material type of the panels and the complexity of their installation must be taken into account.

Next, it may be that the structure has to be installed in a room with a particular shape that includes curved areas. This factor would make it difficult to fit the metal profiles and would increase the price.

Similarly, if lighting needs to be installed, the panels will have to be adapted to the spotlights and the necessary drill holes will have to be drilled. This would also increase the budget.

It would also make the work more expensive to treat the materials, for example, to achieve better thermal insulation. This is the case if a layer of rock wool needs to be added to the suspended ceiling to insulate the room from the cold. A treatment that, on the other hand, means a very important saving in heating and an improvement in the quality of life by not hearing the noise of the neighbours.


As you have been able to see, there are several factors that influence how much it costs to install a suspended ceiling. Without a doubt, the best option is to put yourself in the hands of professionals and ask for a customised quote. At DESMON we have an interesting collection of options that we can adapt to your needs.

As we have already mentioned, suspended ceilings used to be very common in offices and workplaces. This trend is clearly extending to private homes. It can be placed in the living room and hide all the wiring of the lighting in the ceiling. It can also be installed in bedrooms and is ideal for concealing heating pipes. In addition, the demountable and accessible bathroom ceiling is an increasingly common option.

If you need more information about the cost and installation of a drop ceiling, please contact DESMON. We have a multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and installs all our ceilings. We are experts in customised solutions.

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