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Good results are the main objective of any professional. And the first step to achieve this is to work in a pleasant environment. Optimal facilities, functionality, comfort and a good image are basic. Interior design trends point to modern offices as a base of operations.

DESMON is a manufacturer of office furniture. We have many years of experience in the design and assembly of modern offices. We know which are the predominant styles and also which accessories are essential to achieve a modern environment.

Without a doubt, the office is a good letter of introduction to clients. With our help, it will be possible to create an attractive, well-designed, comfortable, functional office that makes a good impression. In this article we give you the keys to achieve this.


Transmitting the company’s values in the decoration and design of the facilities is already commonplace. The walls, the furniture and the space in general are a good setting to make the corporate image known. In this sense, having modern and well-equipped offices is a good idea.

From there, this transmission of values must also reach the employees. Offering suitable facilities for the type of work that combine functionality and comfort is a good way to ensure a high performance of the staff.


Trends in office decoration offer different possibilities when it comes to designing and decorating offices. We have already pointed out that the corporate image must be taken into account but it is also important to reflect the style of the occupant of the space. From DESMON we make several proposals.


Minimalist decoration is committed to designing an office with clean, uncluttered and very functional lines. It will undoubtedly be an elegant space that will convey a very positive sense of order for the employee and also for potential visitors.

Minimalism popularised the mantra of “less is more” and for this reason avoids overloaded rooms. The colours used for furniture and walls are usually neutral to further enhance the stillness that favours concentration.

The shapes are usually straight, without mouldings and the general lighting is cosy and enveloping. In addition, a table lamp with a cold, clean design can be integrated.

All this sobriety is not incompatible with the possibility of including a few striking details such as minimal accessories in intense colours. In this way, an eclectic and calm environment will be achieved. Of course, harmony and elegance are intrinsic to the minimalist style.


Industrial style offices are becoming more and more common. This is an avant-garde style that highlights the original architecture of the building. This urban style can also be included in offices.

Of course, solid materials are the protagonists in this type of office. It is possible to leave the original brickwork or the rustic wood of the beams visible. In addition, it is possible to opt for furniture made of metal combined with rustic wood details. With regard to colours, black, brown and dark grey are the most popular.

The whole environment will offer a feeling of robustness and solidity that is very flattering for an office. Employees and visitors will enjoy a comfortable area with a touch of sophistication.


Nordic style is fully integrated into interior design and decoration. It is obvious that it is a trend that puts functionality and practicality at the centre of the target. So, if you are looking to decorate a modern office in a Nordic style, the versatility of the elements will be essential.

It is clear that the Nordic style is friendly and encourages open and diaphanous spaces. Natural light is a highly valued asset and the aim is to promote this luminosity by installing transparent screens. Wood is also a very present material and the furniture has straight lines and a simple and elegant design.

The result is a bright, welcoming office with a strong presence of natural materials.


Ecological awareness and care for the planet have also reached the design of workspaces. Climate change makes it necessary to build modern offices with natural and sustainable materials.

Wherever possible, recyclable and recycled materials should be used. As for wood, it is important to ensure that it comes from sustainably managed forests. General and spot lighting should be carried out with LED type luminaires because they favour energy savings.

Finally, the inclusion of plant elements such as vegetable gardens or natural plants helps to purify the air and humidify the environment.


At DESMON we know the importance of having a suitable office to work in. In many cases, working hours are long and the office becomes more than just a place to work. For this reason, it is important that it is a creative space with a certain dynamism and a lot of comfort.

Ergonomic furniture is essential, especially in the case of chairs and tables. In addition, the incorporation of advanced technology will make daily tasks much easier. Having a modern, avant-garde, healthy, functional and attractive office is very important to achieve good productivity.

At DESMON we are aware of all this and that is why we offer to equip your office with the best office furniture. We have a team of specialists who are responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of all our pieces. We only work with high quality materials and we meet delivery deadlines.

If you need customised solutions, contact DESMON and get a customised quote.

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