Mezzanines for offices and warehouses

DESMON manufactures and installs mezzanines for office and warehouses that allow you to take advantage of the height of your facilities by adding a safe, aesthetic and functional mezzanine. It is the best solution to have your offices above your warehouses, without carrying out civil works. These structures are easy to install and quick to assemble with a metal or wooden floor. They can be installed over the entire surface area or only in certain areas.

At DESMON we offer the possibility of building the walls with opaque panels to achieve a private area isolated from the noise of the warehouse. However, if preferred, a mezzanine can be built with glass walls. This model offers visual contact with everything that is going on in the hall. In this way, it is possible to monitor the activity from a very good vantage point.

Administrative or sorting tasks are indispensable in many industrial halls. However, the activity in the plant can generate noise and disturbances that disturb this type of work. Therefore, it is more than desirable to provide a space that is isolated from the commotion of the assembly line. Without a doubt, mezzanines for office and warehouses are a very interesting option. The reason is that they facilitate the degree of concentration needed to carry out this type of work. Finally, mezzanines can be equipped with the appropriate office furniture to create a pleasant working environment.




Storage Mezzanines

Metal storage mezzanine to cover areas that need an extension in its use in the upper part. Its construction is carefully studied according to the type of load. In addition, the access ladder that best fits the structure is added. The metal mezzanines that we manufacture at DESMON are completely dismountable. This means that their location can be changed in a short time and without any additional cost.

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Mezzanines for Offices

Mezzanine for offices that enable administrative work areas to be set up in the upper part of the building. The mezzanine becomes an area insulated from the noise produced in the lower work area. In addition, the panels include rock wool which facilitates thermal insulation and the maintenance of the temperature inside. Storage are built according to the load they are going to support. In addition, a suitable staircase is added to facilitate access. In this case, the mezzanine is also completely removable.

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