Office Shelving

Office Shelving

Certainly, DESMON office shelving offers comprehensive storage solutions for different uses and loads. In addition, they have all kinds of accessories that allow you to adapt them to your needs. Without a doubt, we are manufacturers of high-quality office shelving. Therefore, we work with the best materials. Likewise, we adjust to the available space and offer solid models, with adjustable and very decorative shelves.

In the same way, we have mobile shelves for archives, documentation centers or libraries. Certainly, it is an option that optimizes space and protects documents. Likewise, we manufacture heavy-duty racking for logistics and delivery centers. Therefore, they are shelves of great capacity and stability. Lastly, we offer linear shelving for shops, supermarkets and shops.





Mobile Shelving

Shelving designed to contain files and protect documents from dust and light. They incorporate height-adjustable dividers. Of course, they are anti-derailment, anti-tilt and move smoothly, without noise or friction, which makes them comfortable and safe. They can have manual or motorised operation. Fully dismountable. It is a very interesting way to optimise space and increase square metres.

Estanterías móviles para oficinas | DESMON

Racking for heavy loads

Racks for the storage of large loads, which can be palletised, depending on the type of load and weight. Fully demountable. These racking models are specially designed for large warehouses and logistics centres. The entire structure supports heavy weights and is completely safe. In addition, it is very accessible with forklifts and lifting platforms.

Estanterías de gran carga para almacenes | DESMON

Shelving for Shops

Shelving suitable for all types of shops, with multiple accessories that adapt to the different needs of use. Fully removable. We offer shelving designed and manufactured for placement in supermarkets, shops and shops. The shelves are adjustable to adapt to the height of the products offered. They are highly visible and have a high stability on office flooring. They are also very decorative.

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