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Mobile shelving for archives are basic elements for storing documentation. They are essential pieces in libraries, administration archives or information centres. Undoubtedly, digital format is gaining ground but paper is still present in many offices and offices.

On the other hand, all historical information that is not digitised needs an adequate space for its conservation. Mobile shelving provides an agile and accessible space. Moreover, it is a good way to optimise space and multiply the available square metres.

Finally, this mobile shelving system keeps the documentation in good condition. The reason is that documents are protected from their greatest enemies: light and dust.

At DESMON, we are experts in office furniture and we have developed projects that included the installation of mobile shelving for archives. This experience has allowed us to verify the great virtues of this system and its effectiveness in optimising space. Below are some of the most important advantages of these structures.


Protection from the effects of light and dust is crucial. Dust mites can significantly deteriorate paper files. These micro-organisms can cause stains that degrade the media and eventually destroy it. Insects, present in dust, can feed on the paper and create holes until it disappears completely.

On the other hand, the direct incidence of constant light weakens the paper in such a way that it can end up yellowing or causing discolouration of the inks.

Undoubtedly, mobile shelving for archives provides a space that allows closure and conservation free of external agents.


Archives often contain a lot of graphic and textual information and convenient access to this information is indispensable. DESMON mobile shelving for archives runs on rails that ensure smooth and frictionless movement. The structure is equipped with anti-tilt systems and does not produce any disturbing noise.

There are two options for activating the movement: manual or motorised. In the first alternative, a rotary control in the form of a handwheel is installed on the side of the shelf. To move the module, simply turn the handwheel and the structure will move smoothly. The motorised system includes a small motor that moves the rack so that staff can access the aisle.

Either system guarantees safe handling of mobile shelving for archives, books or digital documentation.


The shelves of the mobile shelving units for archives are very convenient because their height can be adjusted. This makes it possible to adapt the space to the size of the documents to be stored. The shelves are sturdy and designed to support considerable weights. For this reason, it is common to use this type of shelving in libraries or information centres with abundant documentation.


Office furniture is one of the most important investments in a company. The right choice can facilitate the work of your employees and ensure that their performance is not affected by poor facilities. In that sense, DESMON’s mobile shelving has a functional design that facilitates the task of the staff and at the same time is attractive and modern. For this reason, they are a comfortable, safe and 100% reliable option.


Documentation professionals know that well-used space is vital in an archive. It is important to make the most of all the space available and to install shelving in such a way that it is possible to increase the number of shelves if the volume of information makes it necessary to expand the filing area. The documentation of a company, hospital or media company is constantly growing and it is important to optimise the space in order to maximise the storage volume.

Mobile shelving is the ideal way to achieve this objective. You will get an archive area where the access of the documentalists to all the material will be quick and easy. They will not have to make any effort to move the shelving and you will ensure that all the documentation is in optimum conservation conditions.


At DESMON we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of shelving and mobile shelving forms part of our catalogue. We can also take care of the design of the shelving for your office and we offer other models such as heavy duty shelving or those designed especially for shops, shops or supermarkets.

If you need more information about any of these options, do not hesitate to contact DESMON. We will inform you and advise you on the best solution for the space you have available.

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