We are manufacturers of all types of made to measure built-in fifted wardrobes for bedrooms, wardrobes and wardrobes, we offer the best options that adapt to the space.

Nowadays space and comfort are fundamental, that is why fitted wardrobes are made to measure, ideal for making the most of the total space we have, they adapt to any space and are made to suit your needs, their interior is designed and distributed to optimise and make the most of their capacity, with a wide range of accessories for comfortable and efficient use.


A made to measure built-in fifted wardrobe made to measure for bedrooms and dressing rooms from DESMON has infinite possibilities, both in private homes and residences as well as in offices, shops, hotels, clinics, hospitals, hospitals. Wardrobes that allow you to take advantage of empty spaces in any place, room or room to store and organise everything you need.

The possibilities that fifted wardrobes can provide are many. We can manufacture wardrobes with standard measurements or adapted to the space you have. Corner wardrobes that allow you to make the most of the available space, providing greater depth and access to all the clothes inside.

Open wardrobes are the best option if space is available, making the dressing room the ideal space for access to everything in it and being a modern and increasingly used option.

If space is a little more limited, you can also opt for walk-in wardrobes with doors, which offer the possibility of having more space than a conventional wardrobe and with all the advantages of organisation and accessibility of a walk-in wardrobes.

They are also a good choice for offices. They can be combined with office shelving to create a large storage space.


The sliding door wardrobes offer a wide variety of possibilities in their finishes and interior distributions, most of them are wardrobes that are made to measure and to the needs of each client, being able to choose the type of sliding door, with materials, colours, combinations of melamine and glass, as well as the finishes of the aluminium handles and the distribution of the spaces and accessories of the wardrobe inside.

The wide variety of options means that sliding door wardrobes can be adapted to the budget of each type of customer and their needs.

Sliding wardrobe doors do not take up space when opened and are extremely comfortable, they slide smoothly and can be chosen and combined from a wide selection of door styles, different finishes and colours.

We have 3 types of aluminium profiles, anodised and lacquered finishes.


Finished aluminium profile:

– Anodised

– Ral lacquered


Finished aluminium profile:

  • Anodised
  • Ral lacquered


Aluminium profile finished:

  • Silver anodised
  • Ral lacquered


Another very popular option are the wardrobes with hinged doors or folding doors in which the doors open outwards. For this type of wardrobe, a front space is required to allow the doors to open fully and to move them to the front.

As with all our wardrobe models, they are fully adaptable to the size of your space and can be configured with a wide variety of woods and combinations.

The hinged door wardrobes can be made in different materials: melamine in a choice of colours, varnished wood, lacquered wood, lacquered glass, mirrors; with standard or embossed handles on the doors themselves and also with an aluminium perimeter profile.

T1 Handle

T2 Handle

T3 Handle

T4 Handle


Folding door wardrobes offer a decorative solution for both large and small spaces.

The folding doors open and close all at once, folding in two accordion-like folds to one or both sides of the wardrobe, allowing access to the entire interior of the wardrobe at once.


Wardrobe cupoboards are practical, useful and multifunctional. Due to their capacity and usefulness, they play a decisive role in the good order of the house. Each walk-in wardrobe is a totally personalised and unrepeatable project, adapted to every need.

It is completely made to measure, all the space is used and all kinds of wardrobe complements and accessories for organising wardrobes can be used in its distribution.

We are manufacturers of fitted wardrobes

The elaboration of each made-to-measure wardrobe is carried out respecting the European regulations in its manufacture, quality control and optimisation of natural resources. We are committed to the quality and duration of our finishes at a competitive price.

Each made-to-measure fitted wardrobe project is personal and unrepeatable. Each piece, door, shelf, drawer or complement is integrated into the decoration of the environment and each piece, door, shelf, drawer or complement is carefully designed to ensure that the wardrobe or cupboard is genuinely useful, millimetre by millimetre, to keep everything in its place and enjoy doing so.

We have solutions so that lack of space is not a problem, different door systems and different finishes to create new atmospheres, new avant-garde combinations, fitted wardrobes, bedroom wardrobes, wardrobes, made-to-measure dressing rooms, have been transformed into a decorative, cheerful, attractive piece, giving a vital contrast of light and colour.

An endless number of colours, materials, combinations and wardrobe complements so that no detail is missing either inside or outside, consult the price of the built-in wardrobe that best suits your needs. Ask for a quote now!

Accessories made to measure built-in fifted wardrobes for bedrooms and dressing rooms.

To complement the whole range of fitted wardrobes we have a catalogue of accessories for wardrobe interiors; drawer units, shoe racks, trouser racks, wardrobe interior accessories …., we have everything you need to design your made to measure wardrobe and to provide a solution to all your needs, to maximise your storage space at the best price you can find.

Hydraulic bar

LED bar

Double trouser racks

Single trouser racks

Shoe rack with 4 shelves

Removable tie and belt rack

Fixed tie and belt rack

Glass front drawers

Melamine and white striped oak interior

Door design

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