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DESMON We are industrial manufacturers specialising in all types of office furniture and technology and services for the distribution of spaces. We manufacture and market everything necessary for offices, such as products like: dividing partitions, technical floors (accessible and continuous), movable partitions, sanitary cabins, lockers in phenolic panels and compact MDF, made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding, folding or folding doors and their interiors.

We have all the services for the development of any new project for the definition of spaces with all types of separators, we have an extensive catalogue of office furniture design to adapt to the needs of professionals who must develop their tasks, we develop customised projects, carrying out the entire project, monitoring and delivery with the best guarantees of quality and service.

Our products

Raised access flooring

Raised Access Floor is a high resistance flooring composed of panel tiles supported by galvanised steel pedestals adjustable in height, to provide solutions to the needs of the floor.

This type of raised access floor is the best option to facilitate the passage of electrical and technological installations underneath the floor, thus avoiding costly masonry work.

Folding and stackable movable partitions

Mobile panels are the ideal solution for the flexible partitioning of spaces. It is undoubtedly one of our most popular products.


Mobile partitions are widely used in hotels, auditoriums, educational centres, workplaces, etc. They allow us to adapt the size of the room to the requirements of each event, according to the needs of the event, recovering the format of the room at a later date.

Dividing partitions for offices and offices

In new and existing constructions, the best way to distribute and separate the space without resorting to building work, maintaining standards of quality, comfort and design is through the use of partition walls for offices or partition walls for interiors.

The partitions are the best solution because they are prefabricated, removable and reusable, with the facility to hide any type of electrical installation inside, maintaining the ergonomics and decoration of the environment.

Phenolic sanitary cabins

Sanitary cabins are the best solution for the partitioning of sanitary spaces without the need for building work and easy installation, for use in shower cabins, toilets and changing rooms with high traffic such as schools, sports centres, commercial spaces, hospitals, airports, etc…

Desmon sanitary cabins offer different design solutions and at the same time resistance and quality as well as preserving the privacy of the user. Covering all these interior design and functionality requirements.

Phenolic lockers for changing rooms

Of the wide range of phenolic lockers that exist in the market DESMON offers a highly resistant phenolic locker due to the quality and thickness of the phenolic board used in its manufacturing process, unlike many of those that exist in the sector, providing our product with a high quality finish and great durability.

Built-in wardrobes made to measure

We are manufacturers of all types of made-to-measure fitted wardrobes for bedrooms and dressing rooms, we offer the best options that adapt to the space available.

Nowadays, space and comfort are essential, that is why fitted wardrobes are made to measure, ideal for making the most of the total space available, they adapt to any space and are made to suit your needs, their interior is designed and distributed to optimise and make the most of their capacity, with a wide range of accessories for comfortable and efficient use.

Office furniture, office desks, cupboards, dividers

The organisation and distribution of work areas in the office plays an important role in productivity. Desmon office furniture combines modernity, quality and functionality to meet all needs.

Office seating

Whether in a waiting room or in a management office, the most used element is the chair. Enjoy the comfort and ergonomics that Desmon chairs offer in all their lines. Design, comfort, and multiple upholstery options, combined with the necessary robustness to withstand intensive use. Chairs are undoubtedly one of the indispensable elements in office furniture.

Office shelving

Desmon shelving offers integral storage solutions for different uses and loads. They also have all kinds of accessories that allow you to adapt them to your needs and complete the office furniture that your business needs.

Mezzanines for offices and warehouses

Desmon manufactures and installs mezzanines that allow you to take advantage of the height of your facilities by adding a safe, aesthetic and functional mezzanine. These products are the best solution for having your offices above your warehouses, without the need for civil works. They consist of easy to install and quick to assemble structures with a metal or wooden floor. They can be installed over the entire surface or only in certain areas.

False ceilings

Among the most useful products are continuous and accessible suspended ceilings. They are undoubtedly the solution you need to hide wiring without taking up space in the office. They also act as thermal and acoustic insulation. Adapted to the design of your office and with the best materials.

Office flooring

Parquet, PVC or Flooring, find the flooring that best suits your needs and the style of your office. Elastic, resistant and comfortable composition, with the look and colour of your choice.

Wall coverings

Wall coverings in melamine, MDF for painting, phenolic and lacquered. We adapt the fastening to the type of environment: bathrooms, kitchens, lifts, corridors. It works in terms of design, comfort and acoustic and thermal insulation.

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