The organisation and distribution of office furniture within the work areas plays a major role in productivity. DESMON office furniture combines modernity, quality and functionality, designed and created to meet all needs!


Our work team understands office furniture to be the set of furniture and objects that serve to facilitate our day-to-day work in our work area. For example, we are talking about materials such as office chairs, desks, cupboards, partitions, etc.

At DESMON you can find a wide range of office furniture. Among others, we highlight different models of shelves for offices, desk furniture and an endless number of office material made to measure and adapted to each space.

Office Furniture

The office furniture manufactured for offices and management is based on table layouts of 2.00×80 wide, sometimes even longer.

Depending on the layout space, office furniture usually has an auxiliary wing of 1.10 in length by 55 in width. These desk units are fitted with various office accessories underneath, which can be moved around on castors. However, it is worth mentioning that many office or management rooms are based on furniture that is fixed to the floor.

Office furniture can accommodate office cupboards with a height of 1.60 metres. This furniture can also be fitted with doors or recesses to install different shelves and organise the office efficiently.

In management rooms, varnished wood veneer finishes in walnut, wenge, oak, beech or pear are the most commonly used. However, there is an infinite amount of wood and metal office furniture to choose from.

Also, as specialists in the manufacture of new office furniture, we can incorporate different ideas for offices, as well as other complements. Among them, we highlight: coat racks, wastepaper baskets, lamps or writing sets. All of this is carried out under an interior design study, thus achieving the greatest comfort and the best distribution for the user.


All models of office furniture are designed for open spaces. However, cubicles can also be made for individual spaces. These consist of a 1.60×80 wide desk and an auxiliary wing measuring 1.00 in length x 55 in width. It also comes complete with a drawer unit on castors for greater convenience.

All the furniture is completed with the distribution of 1.99 high cupboards, either with doors or with openings full of shelves. These cupboards, depending on the space and use, can be 1.60 high or slightly lower, 75 high.

The finishes are available in grey, white, oak, pear, graphite and/or pine. You choose the finish and material that best suits your needs!


Our reception furniture is made up of straight, angled or curved counter desks. This wooden office furniture consists of 2.00×80 wide desks, sometimes even longer if a buc with wheels is added to improve mobility.

At the back of this model are 1.99 high cupboards with doors. As with the rest of the furniture, its finishes can be ordered in different sizes and colours, always taking into account the space and decoration of the space.


Office furniture for boardrooms or management areas can be designed with different layouts in mind. However, at DESMON we usually work with closed areas, in which tables of up to 3.50 in length and 1.20 in width can be placed. However, depending on the space available, the length and width of the furniture can vary.

Meeting room desks can be fitted with low cupboards with doors up to 75 cm high. Remember that desks with drawer units and/or cupboards are the ideal option for keeping order in the office, without losing extra space!

The finishes, colours and materials you choose will determine the decoration of the boardroom. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the metal and/or wood furniture we have available. You can also choose from different finishes and colours.


If you need to accommodate many workers while optimising the space in your work area, you need office desks with dividers!

At DESMON we call this type of furniture, furniture for collectivities. This model is based on the creation of tables of 1.40 in length and 80 in depth, joined together in groups of 2, 4, 6 or 8. In this way, shared work areas are created in open spaces, but isolated by small separating partitions. These separating elements can be located either frontally or laterally.

These tables are manufactured with metal support structures to facilitate comfort. However, other elements that can be electrified are also used. You can choose materials such as oak, pine or graphite, and finishes in white or grey.


However, if your employees are going to have their own desk chair and table, we will also help you to choose the most special and elegant ones.

Our team offers you modern office chairs and tables, 1.20 in length and 75 in width with a tubular frame. All of them comply with the hygienic regulations for food use.

You can also order them with or without mobility, adding castors to the bottom of the furniture if you wish. You can choose these office desks in white or light grey finishes, as well as the material that best matches your boardroom or office.

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