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Modern office decoration for 2024 requires solutions that combine security, functionality and comfort. In addition, it is committed to multi-purpose and versatile spaces. Teleworking has undoubtedly become consolidated after the pandemic of covid-19. This particularity has led many companies to opt for the hybrid mode. Thus, employees combine several days a week in the office and the others work from home.

This has led to substantial changes in the distribution of office space. By 2024, this trend will continue and modern office furnishings will also include sustainability and eco-friendliness.

It has been proven that when workers work in comfortable and functional spaces, productivity increases. Modern office decoration has a direct impact on performance and can boost workers’ concentration. For this reason, it is advisable to pay close attention to the environment and invest time and effort in creating a modern and attractive space.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture and have dealt with modern office decoration on many occasions. It is of paramount importance to facilitate the employee’s task, provide useful areas and ensure comfort. In addition, the decoration of modern offices with sustainable materials is an increasingly valued trend.


The Covid-19 made it clear how illness can affect an office, a city, a country and the whole world. It put worker safety at the top of the list when developing modern office décor.

In 2024, the trend is still on the rise and the inclusion of protective elements in modern offices is already standardised. Thus, partition walls are commonplace and almost indispensable.

The screens protect employees from infection and do not deprive them of eye contact with colleagues. Without a doubt, safety is an unavoidable part of a pleasant and useful furnishing.


The alternative of teleworking has led to fewer or alternating staff in the office. For this reason, modern office décor includes the use of hot desks and multifunctional areas where different activities can be carried out.

Similarly, the office space may need to be adapted to the needs of the moment. For example, additional meeting rooms may sometimes be required. The ideal solution is to install movable partitions. This system does not require any building work and can be installed in a short time. The movable walls can be adapted to the decorative style of the office, made of wood or PVC, or even glass, to allow light to pass from one room to another and not reduce the feeling of space.


The latest trends in modern office furnishings lean towards an industrial style featuring beams, pipes and brick walls. This creates a modern and attractive atmosphere. However, there are always installations that should be hidden, and the best option for this is to have the latest generation of false ceilings.

On the other hand, raised floors are those that are used to hide cables and electrical installations and pipes underneath them. In addition to being extremely aesthetic, they are very safe, as they allow any type of cut or leak in the electrical installation to be detected and fixed immediately. In fact, the control points are all placed in the same place under a tile with an opening.


Ecological awareness is a growing value and this is reflected in modern office decoration. The use of healthy materials in furnishings and accessories is now almost mandatory. In addition, the latest trends are clearly in favour of offering some contact with nature. For this reason, green areas such as vertical gardens, natural plants or terraces and roof terraces decorated with living plant elements are included.

In short, office decoration opens up to the outside and green areas are designed to function as lungs and facilitate the practice of ecology.


Certainly, office decoration has a fundamental touchstone, which is office furniture. Once again, the concepts of functionality, comfort and aesthetics come to the fore.

Certainly, office furniture must be ergonomic. This means that it must be adapted to the height and weight of each worker. The chair must not be lower or higher, and the computer must not be below the user’s head, so as not to damage the user’s neck.

Healthy furniture is imperative to ensure that employees work in good conditions. That way, productivity will increase and sick leave will be significantly reduced.

In addition to that, furnishing trends point to rounded shapes for furniture such as tables, lamps, sofas or office chairs. Friendly lines and furniture without corners. As for the colour of the furniture, we will see it in the colour section.

Decoración de oficinas | DESMON


The decoration of modern offices should enhance a good working environment that includes energy and positivity. Of course, the colours chosen for decoration can contribute to this environment.

The decoration of modern offices usually includes bright colours that bring vitality. In that sense, trends point to yellow. Then, this lemon colour can be combined with tones that open up spaces and offer a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. For this, you can opt for dark green, violet, lilac, shades of warm white or blue in different intensities. Another interesting option is to cover the walls with wood in different finishes.

It is important to bear in mind that these colours will not be used throughout the office. The intention is to create small spaces with different tones to mark the difference in the use of the spaces or their versatility.

Furniture does not escape the rain of colour. In 2024, offices will be filled with chairs of different colours, even if they are on the same desk. Furniture may have more than one tone or patterned motifs. And finally, the colour grey in different intensities may dress many walls, desks and doors.


It is clear that the goal of any company is to have high productivity rates that generate profits. Well, the first step is to have optimal facilities. Workers must work in functional and comfortable spaces.

This is where office decoration plays an important role. In addition to good working tools, the environment should be pleasant and welcoming. Refurbishing the workspace to adapt it to people is one of the necessary steps to improve the quality of the time spent in them.

Contact DESMON and request a complete refurbishment of your office. We will offer you a full, no-obligation quote.

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