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In new and existing buildings there is a way to distribute and separate space without resorting to building work. And this is done while maintaining standards of quality, comfort and design. And the solution is to use office partitions or interior partitions.

Partitions walls for offices are the best solution because they are prefabricated, removable and reusable. In addition, they can easily hide any type of electrical installation inside. And all this while maintaining the ergonomics and decoration of the environment.

The partitions for offices with blind, mixed or fully glazed modules are made up of a light interior structure of aluminium profiles, from floor to ceiling, which support the chipboard panels. We find melamine, HPL, veneered with natural wood veneer or lacquered MDF finishes, equipped with single or double doors and with 1 or 2 glass frames.

In the blind areas of the office partitions, a chamber is generated between the double panel, filled with rock wool to improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the system.

A curtain of horizontal aluminium slats can be installed in the double glazing chamber, with a wide variety of finishes.

Desmon has been manufacturing screens for more than 30 years, and our experience and professionalism provide our clients with the best guarantee for each of the projects we undertake.

The new trends in the design of offices seek the comfort of workspaces, glass partitions have become a good option, to facilitate the brightness of the spaces and the breadth of vision they provide.


The glass partitions for offices are made of 6+6 mm laminated glass with polished edges and anodised or lacquered aluminium profiles.

The profiles of the glass partitions are designed to perfectly combine the glazed areas with double wooden panel areas and mimetic doors in wood or glass.

Characteristics of glass partitions

  • Aluminium perimeter structure
  • Glass joints with polished edges
  • 1 or 2 laminated butyral glass panes of 6+6mm.
  • Mimetised or glass doors

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Dividing partitions for offices created by means of a system of hidden aluminium profiles, with thermoplastic gaskets inside for sealing the panels and frames.

All the profiles are assembled by means of tensors that make it a compact structure, guaranteeing high-strength structural stability.

The COMPAC office partition is fitted with 16 mm thick double panels, creating a 45 mm inner chamber between them, filled with rock wool, giving a total partition thickness of 83 mm.

Similarly, the panels are fixed by means of an anchoring system in the panel, assembled to the structure by means of pressure.

The glass partitions will be fitted with anodised or lacquered aluminium frames, with the option of a single or double glazed frame, with the possibility of fitting glass from 4 mm to laminated 6+6, both in the option of a partition with a single or double glazed frame.

Of course, the double glazing frame can be mounted with or without a curtain between the panes, with factory assembly.

The COMPAC office partition has a 65 mm. aluminium lower plinth and a 22 mm. upper plinth in anodised or lacquered aluminium.

This type of office partition allows a wide range of combinations between the blind and glazed parts of the unit. It is possible to combine in the same project a single-glass frame, a single-glass frame, a blind partition and a double-glass frame. In addition to the wide variety of blind and glazed door types.


Partition screen made up of an exposed structure in lacquered or anodised aluminium, prepared to house a single panel of 16 mm thick boards and/or glass. It allows a wide range of combinations between panels and glass.

Option of curved uprights in struts for heights greater than 2.90 m, which guarantees greater stability of the assembly, making it more resistant.

The Monopanel office partitions consist of an exposed structure of lacquered or anodised aluminium, prepared to house a single panel of panels and/or glass. It allows a wide range of combinations between panels and glass.

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“If what you need is to make mobile space divisions, we have a good alternative to partition walls such as mobile partitions that allow you to adapt the space to the needs of each moment.

Whether it is for an office partition, a wall lining, a mobile partition, a sanitary cabin, or a raised floor, at Desmon we offer you the most economical, efficient and reliable solution for your needs.

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    Movable partition walls are the ideal solution for flexible partitioning of spaces.


    The organisation and layout of work areas within the office play a major role in productivity.


    Raised Access Floor or Raised Access Floor consists of the slab or tile and the supporting structure.

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