Office flooring

Office flooring

In DESMON you will find all types of floor coverings with different characteristics and needs. Their high quality finishes have already been installed in hospitals, laboratories, schools, offices, shops and industries all over the world.
Offices and workplaces have to cope with the daily traffic of many people. In addition, delivery machines or forklift trucks also enter certain premises. All this volume has a direct impact on the floor. Therefore, it is very appropriate and interesting to have a durable and long-lasting floor covering.


DESMON’s office flooring is specially designed to cover floors and protect them every day. Our multidisciplinary team offers you different versions of flooring so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

We install flooring that is solid, resistant and has a very long life span. We also place great value on aesthetics and offer you flooring options that will blend in perfectly with the style of the office furniture in the area.





Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring made of natural varnished wood or synthetic wood, with an infinity of colours and finishes. Parquet with AC4 and AC5 resistance, available in different thicknesses.

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PVC flooring

Continuous plastic flooring or tiles that can be cleaned frequently, ideal for installation in laboratories, hospitals or children’s schools. Available in a wide range of colours.

Pavimentos para oficinas | DESMON

Pavement called flooring

Pavement called flooring is a latest generation floor composed of layers of vinyl that thanks to its texture, colours and designs achieves a natural look imitating wood, carpet, ceramics and many more. Its composition gives it maximum elasticity and a very comfortable walk. Click installation system. Thermal and acoustic insulation.

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