Advantages of false ceiling installation

Advantages of false ceiling installation

Ventajas del montaje de falso techo.

There are numerous advantages of false ceiling installation. This architectural resource is present in most offices and offices. It is easy to install, easy to maintain and offers advantages in terms of use and decoration.

At DESMON, we have several options that can be used in offices, management rooms, workshops, teaching centres or doctors’ surgeries. Our experience has shown us the tremendous usefulness of false ceilings and in this article we would like to explain all the virtues of this construction material.


First of all, it is important to know what the false ceiling is, exactly. The answer is as follows: it is a structure that is placed below the original ceiling of the room. In this way, a gap is created in which the installations can be concealed. You should know that the false ceiling can be continuous or accessible.

The continuous format is usually installed in dwellings and homes. The accessible alternative is suitable for offices because it allows access to the installations by simply lifting a panel. Therefore, if there is a fault or need to extend the wiring, the task is easy.

The material used for the false ceiling is plaster or plasterboard. Decorative shapes for corners and bevels can be achieved with plaster. A very decorative finish is achieved and can be painted to add colour.

Plasterboard has become one of the best materials for the assembly of false ceilings. It is lightweight, hygienic and the tile system allows easy access. All that is needed is to assemble a grid-like structure that supports the panels and allows them to be lifted. This system is the most widely used in workplaces, offices and offices.


After knowing what it consists of, it is useful to know all the benefits of installing a false ceiling. Take note.



The main advantage of the false ceiling is that it can conceal all the wiring of the electrical installation, fire detection and extinguishing and anti-intrusion systems. In addition, it can also contain the network or data distribution. On the other hand, gas and water pipes can also be placed inside the suspended ceiling. As a result, you get an open-plan space free of cables and conduits.



Air conditioning is indispensable in an office. However, the dimensions of the elements sometimes make it difficult to install them. The false ceiling offers the advantage of being able to house the equipment and facilitate the creation of the outlets with the appropriate grilles. As a result, the air-conditioning machine will be hidden in the false ceiling and will not be a nuisance to the aesthetic finish of the room.



As we have already mentioned, the false ceiling is installed at the necessary distance from the original ceiling of the room. The needs of each room will determine what this distance should be. As a result, it is as if we had a double ceiling. This particularity has an impact on the acoustic insulation of the room. In other words, any noise that may occur on one floor will be muffled on the floor above.



Certainly, false ceilings made of plasterboard can be treated to achieve certain properties. It is very common to add certain components to turn the boards into a fireproof material that does not propagate any fire that may occur. Similarly, some ingredient can be included to protect the ceiling from humidity and condensation.



The false ceiling is a very valid resource when it comes to developing the decoration of an office. Most of the time, light and neutral colours are used. Thus, white, light grey or beige are common tones. The reason is that they enhance the brightness of the office and easily adapt to the tone of furniture and accessories.

The ceiling is the great forgotten element in many decorative projects and the truth is that it can be an ideal support to enhance the aesthetics of a space.



One of the great advantages of false ceilings is that they are easy to work with. The price of energy is becoming increasingly expensive. This factor forces many managers of work environments to consider a change in lighting. There is no doubt that opting for LED technology is a wise decision.

Well, when it comes to starting the renovation to install the new light points, the false ceiling makes the task much easier. The original ceiling is not perforated or damaged because the new lamps or fluorescent lights are placed in the false ceiling. Cutting the tiles and drilling them is quick and easy.


The truth is that the advantages of installing a false ceiling are numerous and are a benefit for the office or premises. At DESMON we have a technical team capable of designing and manufacturing false ceilings of different types. If you need to refurbish a professional office and you are thinking about a false ceiling, contact us and we will provide you with suitable solutions and the advice of experts in office furniture.

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