Refurbishing office walls: load-bearing wall or partition wall?


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Refurbishing office walls is usually one of the main actions when buying or renting facilities. The renovation is usually carried out to achieve a more functional distribution of space. Also, it is possible that you want to go for an open office where partitions are eliminated. In this way, the brightness of the space is also multiplied.

The work to reform the walls of the office or office involves the demolition and also the lifting and finishing of the wall. However, not all walls can be demolished. If the mistake is made of removing a load-bearing wall, the disaster can be total and lead to the collapse of the building.

At DESMON Reform we have dealt with the transformation of offices, company facilities and offices on numerous occasions. We know that it is a complicated job that requires the intervention of professionals and technicians.

In this article we will explain the different types of walls in an office and how to act on them. If you need to reform the walls of the office, you should know what structures can or cannot be demolished. We explain it to you.


We have already mentioned that the reasons for refurbishing the walls of the office can be several. Usually the change is carried out to optimize the space, to increase the entrance of natural light or to achieve a greater sense of order.

The improvement project can be divided into 2 stages:

  • demolition and/or construction of the new wall
  • exterior finishing

For the demolition stage it is essential to know what type of wall we want to renovate. It can be a load-bearing wall or a partition wall and the approach to the work is completely different.

Load-bearing wall

From the outset, load-bearing walls cannot be demolished. The reason is simple: they are structures that support and distribute the weight of the building. They rest directly on the foundation and their removal can cause collapse. For that reason, when it comes to renovating office walls, load-bearing walls are almost untouchable.

They are usually constructed of concrete, reinforced concrete or solid bricks. The outside is usually plastered with plaster. The materials used are extremely resistant and hard. And it must be so because they are the framework of the building where the office or office is located.

Systems to know if the wall is a load-bearing wall

The best way to know which office walls are part of a load-bearing wall is to refer to the building plans. In them, it will be easy to review the configuration of the facility and locate these master walls and partitions.

If it is not possible to access this information through the plans, we can resort to other systems.

  • Observe the building and check if there are walls that are repeated in the same position on all floors. That is a test that can indicate that it is a load-bearing wall.
  • The width of the load-bearing wall is never less than 20 cm and often exceeds 25 cm. If the wall has a door or window, it will be easy to take the measurements.
  • To make a cove or perforation to see the materials. If at the time of drilling the wall we find solid brick and it is very expensive to make the hole, it is very possible that it is a load-bearing wall.
  • The last option to know the type of wall before reforming the walls of the office is the sound that it gives off when giving a few touches with the knuckles. If when knocking on the wall we perceive a dry dull sound that does not sound hollow, there is a good chance that we are dealing with a load-bearing wall.

Can a load-bearing wall be replaced?

Of course, the ideal is not to do it, but if you decide to demolish it, it is important to put yourself in the hands of professionals. The reason is that it is necessary to place another element that replaces the wall and offers the same solidity. Normally, it is recommended to place steel or wooden beams that are supported on the pillars.

What is essential and mandatory is to have the work of a registered technician and qualified professionals. This factor is non-negotiable and assures us a firm and standing structure. In addition, it is necessary to request the permits for major works.


Partition walls are simple and without structural function. Thus, they are not load-bearing and are usually thin. Their width is usually in the range of 7 to 13 cm. In any case, it is always below 15 cm.

They are built with hollow brick and the visible part is covered with plaster. Also, they can be made with plasterboard and some insulating material can be placed inside. They are easily perforated and, if knocked with the knuckles, they always sound hollow.

If, when renovating the walls of the office, you find yourself with partition walls, demolition is permitted and is simple. Of course, it is also necessary to have the minor works license.


Reformar las paredes de la oficina | DESMON

Once the renovation of the office walls has been carried out at the structural level, you can move on to the finishing of the exposed surface. The process and style of office decorating also includes the appearance of the walls.

The options are multiple and range from paint coating, to wallpapering, to installing wainscoting. From DESMON Reform we always recommend the lining of the walls with wood.

It is possible to choose between conventional lining made of MEDF or chipboard. The second alternative is the acoustic lining that prevents the transmission of sound to the outside and improves its quality inside. It is ideal for assembly halls or sports centers. The last option is to cover the walls with phenolic material. It resists humidity, blows, heat and even vandalism. In addition, the variety of colors is very numerous.


So far everything you need to know about the structure of the building before carrying out the work to reform the walls of the office. As you have seen, it is important that you use the services of professionals. That way, the result will be adequate and you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

In DESMON Reform we have a team that dominates all the branches of the reforms. We have masons, carpenters, painters and installers of proven solvency. We always work in direct contact with the customer and meet deadlines.

If you need more information about how to reform the walls of the office, contact us and get a custom quote.

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