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Vinyl flooring for offices is a material that is increasingly used. It is a hard-wearing floor that enhances the aesthetics of any room. This type of flooring faithfully imitates other materials such as wood or marble and provides a pleasant tread.

At DESMON we have accumulated a lot of experience in the installation of vinyl flooring for workplaces and we have found that the vinyl flooring option has become more and more popular in recent years.

It is true that there are other options such as natural or synthetic parquet or ceramic, but vinyl flooring combines the warmth of one with the beauty of the other at a much more economical price. Undoubtedly, it is an option that is increasingly used in offices, offices, customer service centres and even in hospitals.

With this article we want to explain you what is vinyl flooring for offices and what are its qualities. Read on and step on it.


Vinyl office flooring is a material composed of several layers of vinyl (heterogeneous), a highly resistant plastic material. Most commonly it has a core layer made of SPC or WPC. The first option consists of stone powder and PVC. The second includes wood polymer. Wear layers and polyurethane are placed on top of the core. Underneath, and in contact with the original floor, is the stabilising base layer.

All the layers are compacted and glued together to obtain a flexible and resistant material that is installed on a level surface. The presentation can be in tiles or rolls. However, the simplest installation system is usually by “click”.

The appearance of vinyl flooring can faithfully imitate different types of wood, marble, carpet, ceramic, granite or even steel. The appearance is very faithful to the original and even makes you doubt whether it is vinyl flooring or really wood, for example.


Undoubtedly, we have already pointed out that resistance and aesthetics are two of its main attributes. Now we will go deeper into them and we will provide more properties of this type of floor.


It is clear that the resistance of vinyl flooring for offices is one of its most interesting properties. It withstands abrasion and contact with humid environments without deteriorating. Any stain that falls, is easy to remove because it does not penetrate the material. On the other hand, it does not deform under the sun’s rays and does not discolour.

It is a solid material that withstands a high level of foot traffic. For this reason, it is often installed in offices, hospitals or public places. In addition, it absorbs the noise caused by the daily passage of so many people.


Vinyl flooring for offices is highly decorative. The ease with which it imitates noble materials such as wood or stone makes it an important element in interior design projects.

You can choose wood or stone or include granite designs, metal or textile finishes. Its versatility and the wide range of designs available facilitate all kinds of decorations. It fits perfectly in an office with a classic look or in industrial and avant-garde offices.


In addition to its aesthetics and resistance, vinyl office flooring can be treated to achieve different responses. For example, it is common to include an anti-slip treatment in many models. This is an interesting option in hospitals, old people’s homes or staircase areas.

It is also possible to apply fire retardant treatments that delay the appearance of flames or even prevent the spread of fire. Antibacterial processes are also recommended, which are applied to the flooring to prevent the appearance or proliferation of pathogenic agents.

And of course, static electricity is a common occurrence in offices. With vinyl flooring you can avoid those cramps that sometimes occur when touching certain metallic areas. The floor can include an antistatic treatment.


Installation is one of the strong points of vinyl flooring for offices. And it is because it is very easy to lay. It is a quick process that reduces costs and saves time. In addition, it does not require masonry work and there is no dust or noise to impede concentration and work in the office.

The click system does not require the use of heavy and complex tools. It is enough to fit the pieces together with the help of a simple rubber hammer. The installation phases of the flooring are quick and trouble-free.

In addition, it is a very easy surface to replace in the event that you want to change any piece or cover areas that are left free. The different degrees of resistance will determine which is the most suitable model for offices, shops, premises or even homes. In all options, installation is simple and quick.


Finally, the level of maintenance required for vinyl office flooring is almost negligible. To keep it clean, simply use a hoover or mop to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

It can also be mopped, using only water and neutral soap. A soft fibre mop will be enough to leave it shiny and shiny.


At DESMON we offer you different types of flooring for workplaces. Among them, we highlight flooring, which is a very interesting vinyl flooring for offices. We have options that imitate wood and other materials and provide an elastic and very comfortable tread. In addition, it works as a thermal and acoustic insulator.

If you need to renovate the floor of your office, put yourself in the hands of professionals. At DESMON we have a team that designs, manufactures and installs all our vinyl flooring. We work in direct contact with the client and we are experts in customised solutions.

If you need more information, contact us and get a personalised and customised quote.

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