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We are transported to those lofts in New York City that we have seen so many times in the movies. Those industrial-looking, open-plan, spacious and bright premises that were a hit in the 80s. Well, now it is a question of bringing that aesthetic to an office. Thus, we will find industrial style offices.

Nowadays, there are many companies that have opted to design industrial style offices. And not just in New York. These are open, bright and airy premises that clearly benefit the company’s image. They convey a modern, dynamic and original office feel. Without a doubt, the avant-garde aesthetics of industrial-style offices are tremendously attractive. Moreover, and this is important to remember, they are comfortable and practical to work in. Employees work in a sober, elegant and very functional environment.

At DESMON, we have equipped many premises with industrial-style office furniture. We know the basic outlines of this type of decoration and which furniture should be used. With this article we would like to offer you a guide where you will find the fundamental features for industrial style office design. Let’s get down to business.


The particular and attractive industrial design requires certain basic factors. Perhaps the most important of these is a spacious and uncluttered office space. In fact, the origin of this office design can be traced back to the evolution of the factory into the office. This means that, originally, these spaces were factories where manufactured goods were produced. They used to have heavy machinery that needed space to function. Since it was a manufacturing area, no resources were spent on plastering walls or boarding up beams.

Many of these factories went out of business and became empty of machines and employees. However, during the 80s of the 20th century, these old warehouses began to be transformed into offices with a sober and elegant aesthetic that is still in fashion today. The industrial style has become more and more popular and today there are companies that have facilities that occupy the centre pages of decoration magazines.

These are some of the characteristics of industrial style offices.


Without a doubt, in industrial style offices, space is the real protagonist. They are open-plan offices with few divisions. When it is necessary to delimit a space for tasks that require more concentration or privacy, transparent mobile partitions are installed. These are removable walls that can be unfolded in seconds. These glass walls enhance the brightness of the room and fit in perfectly with the style.


Walls are one of the most identifiable elements of industrial-style offices. The reason for this is that they are not hidden or plastered. In other words, the brick or concrete is left exposed. This gives it a factory style that is indispensable in this type of decoration. In some cases, when this type of primary wall is not available, wallpapers or vinyls are used that imitate the original very well.

Similarly, steel or wooden beams are also left visible. In fact, they are a very attractive decorative element in industrial design. They are solid, sturdy structures whose appearance enhances the solvent image of the company.

Water and gas pipes are not hidden either. Copper is one of the basic colours in industrial design, but it is also possible to paint these pipes. But always in neutral colours. White, grey, brown and metallic tones are the kings of industrial-style office design.


Large windows are very typical of industrial-style office furnishings. They are also very useful because they provide a lot of natural light. Neutral colours in the decoration will multiply the brightness of the space. Window frames should be metallic and black or dark brown. In some areas, a curtain or blind will be unavoidable to filter some of the light entering the office.


Furniture is a key component in achieving industrial-style offices. First of all, it should be noted that the metal/glass pairing will be very common for tables and shelves. On the other hand, exposed and weathered wood will contribute to the industrial look.

Tables. Normally, tables with a black metal structure or polished finish on legs and supports are preferred. The tabletop can be made of glass or aged wood. The thickness is also usually important.

Chairs. Modern in appearance and combining black leather with metal parts. Ideally, they should be ergonomic chairs for workers. Leather sofas or armchairs can also be used in the rest areas.

Shelving. Without a doubt, shelves should be made of metal or aged wood. Shelves should have a certain thickness to convey a sense of solidity. In this type of open-plan office, shelves can also be used to delimit spaces without the need to build walls.

Lockers. Metal lockers are indispensable in industrial-style offices. They provide an area for workers to leave their belongings and contribute to the industrial character of the premises.

It is important to remember that black, white and brown in different shades are the predominant colours in industrial design office furniture. These colours balance each other and maintain the sobriety of the design.


When thinking about the decorative objects for an industrial style office, the idea of uniformity must be banished. This continuity is already provided by the neutral colours used in the furniture. Also, the constant presence of metal and glass provides a design line that never goes out of fashion. For this reason, it is possible to add a discordant point by placing salvaged objects or mixing pieces of different styles. In this case, the rest areas are the best place to dare.

As far as decorative objects are concerned, abstract and unostentatious metal sculptures can be placed. Stone objects also fit in very well with industrial design. Another interesting option is to integrate old objects that look good. If they are related to industrial activity, so much the better. For example, old tool boxes, pallets, typewriters or wall clocks. Once again, metal is combined with wood.

Finally, this type of industrial-style office is very well suited to Nordic-style furnishings. The reason is that they match the sobriety and elegance of an environment with the appeal of simplicity.


As we have already mentioned, industrial style offices have a very high aesthetic value. They are spacious, bright and welcoming. They combine cold materials such as metal with the warm nobility of wood. At DESMON, we have equipped this type of offices with the best furniture on several occasions.

Our design team has taken care to achieve an original project that favours the image of the company. And at the same time, we have obtained a practical and functional space to develop a work with a high productivity index.

At DESMON we specialise in offering customised solutions. We work to extract optimum performance from the available space. We offer modern, healthy and high quality furniture. Likewise, we have a multidisciplinary team that takes care of the design, manufacture and assembly of all our pieces.

If you need advice, put yourself in the hands of professionals. Contact us and we will offer you a tailor-made quote.

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