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Industrial changing rooms are essential in many factories and companies. They are facilities whose provision is established by law through Royal Decree 486/1997. Thus, it is compulsory to have changing rooms when employees wear special work clothes and cannot change in other facilities for reasons of health or decorum.

In recent years, industrial or company changing rooms have evolved a lot. New materials have made it possible to store personal belongings more safely. In addition, much more hygienic and easy-to-clean supports such as phenolic material have been chosen.

It is clear that industrial changing rooms must have sturdy furniture and wet areas for showers and washbasins. They must also include toilets with adequate sanitary guarantees.

At DESMON we have been involved in equipping many company changing rooms. We have worked in factories of different sectors and we know which are the necessary elements for a correct hygiene of the workers. With this post we want to give you the keys to what industrial changing rooms should be like. Let’s get to the point.


Industrial, factory or factory locker rooms must have a series of essential elements. The layout of furniture, lockers and showers must be known to all employees.

Likewise, the changing room space must be well ventilated and heated for the winter months. The dimensions are not stipulated by law but it is usual for each person to have a minimum of 3 m2 to move around freely. The overall size should be sized according to the number of employees who will be using the facilities.

Finally, the space must be well lit and daily cleaning is almost mandatory. In that sense, employees should also take responsibility and keep the area as clean and tidy as possible.

From there, we go over the essential elements.


The floor of industrial changing rooms should always be slip-resistant. This will prevent slips and falls. In addition, it is very important for the floor to be highly resistant. The reason is that employees’ footwear may be heavy and stained with debris on many occasions.

Finally, like the entire installation, the flooring must be easy to clean. Of course, it must withstand the action of disinfectants and powerful cleaners without deteriorating.


Lockers in industrial changing rooms must be individual and lockable. They must have sufficient capacity to store clothing and footwear. In addition, it is advisable that they include a vertical divider that allows separating work clothes from everyday clothes.

Similarly, lockers can have perforated shelves to facilitate the ventilation of footwear and other normal shelves for personal items such as watches or wallets. They should be fully openable and can be locked with a key, padlock or keypad.

Years ago, heavy lockers made of iron or wood were used. Metal rusted easily in humid environments and wood could splinter or break. Today, the most suitable material for lockers is phenolic material.

It is an antibacterial material with a completely smooth surface. This prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and fungi. It is also very easy to clean and disinfect.


Another essential element in industrial changing rooms are benches. They are usually placed at a short distance from the lockers and are used to sit on while employees dress or change.

Today’s models are usually made of aluminium, nylon or stainless steel. The legs should be fitted with non-slip feet. Ideally, the benches should be light but at the same time resistant to vandalism, knocks or impacts.

Finally, they should be comfortable and have the right height to be able to sit down and stand up without difficulty.


Showers in industrial changing rooms should have sufficient hot and cold water flow for adequate hygiene. In addition, they should have soap dispensers and be properly illuminated.

The hand-washing area should also have soap for employees and individual towels for drying or an electric air expulsion system. It is also recommended that mirrors and shelves be provided for personal belongings.


Finally, industrial changing rooms must also have a space dedicated to toilets. The most interesting option is the installation of sanitary cabins also made of phenolic material. The cubicle has a lockable door for privacy and inside there should always be a toilet paper dispenser.


DESMON specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of furniture and parts for changing rooms in factories, companies and industries. We work with extra quality materials that provide complete hygiene and cleanliness.

If you need to fit out or refurbish the changing room area of your factory, contact DESMON. We will offer you personalised solutions and a made-to-measure estimate.

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