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School furniture is a piece of equipment that must meet several conditions. The most important thing is that they are safe and resistant pieces. Avoiding bumps with edges, corners or protrusions is essential, especially if we are talking about furniture for children’s schools.

In addition, the furniture must be comfortable because schoolchildren spend many hours a day sitting on chairs and working on desks. The ergonomics of the pieces is essential if we want to avoid injuries or back pain.

Another important factor is to offer practical school furniture. Nowadays, there are many subjects and the technological supports to offer them, too. It is interesting to have furniture and accessories that can reconfigure the space. It is therefore important to have resources that can be adjusted to individual or group activities. In this sense, movable partitions are the ideal solution.

Finally, the strength and durability of school furniture is paramount. It is about material that is used for a long time and by many different schoolchildren. It is important that the pieces are solid and durable. And a key detail is that they should be easy to clean.

Thus, the 4 aspects that should guide the choice of furniture in school spaces and should converge in the well-being of the pupils are the following:

  • security
  • convenience
  • practicality
  • resistance

At DESMON we have innovative school furniture designs that combine comfort and protection. Our catalogue contains a good collection of options for the proper fitting out of a school, nursery or kindergarten. Take note of our advice and recommendations.


Undoubtedly, chairs and tables are the basic element of classrooms in schools and educational centres. Desks for pupils should be large enough to allow them to consult books, notebooks or place their laptops. In addition, models can be manufactured that include skirts or drawer units for storing school material. On the other hand, the teacher’s desk should also be spacious and have a drawer unit.

Chairs should be ergonomic and facilitate good posture for the user. It is also important that they are stackable and lightweight. In this way, they can be easily moved or stacked in any corner of the classroom.

If we are talking about furniture for nursery schools, it is essential to adjust the size and height of the pieces to the children’s build. In addition, sharp edges and corners must be eliminated. And a fundamental issue is to have anti-fall furniture.

Finally, it is in chairs and desks where it is easiest to opt for attractive colours, volumes and shapes. However, they should be combined with neutral tones that stimulate students’ concentration.


In a school it is important to have multi-purpose spaces. In other words, it is important to have areas that can accommodate everything from a children’s festival, to a conference for teenagers, to informative meetings for parents. Ideally, the space can be adapted to the number of attendees and can be comfortably enlarged or reduced in size. Stacking doors or movable partitions are therefore the best solution.

Movable partition walls can be folded out on rails and can be used to close off a space in seconds. In this way it is possible to have spaces that are the right size for the number of people attending the event. When the event is over, the sheets can be folded back to the start of the tour and the entire space is available again.

DESMON’s school furniture catalogue includes stackable doors and one-way or multidirectional movable partitions. In addition, we offer you the option of choosing the profiles in concealed or exposed mode.


When designing furniture for schools or colleges it is crucial to make the most of all the space available. A school is a facility that generates a lot of information. On the one hand there is all the administrative documentation of the centre: pupil files, departmental circulars, applications for places and annual enrolments. And secondly, there is all the teaching material: books, notes, DVDs and computer programmes. It is true that a lot of information is already stored digitally, but many schools have a lot of information on paper.

For all these reasons, it is interesting to have suitable furniture to store all this documentation. At DESMON we are convinced that mobile shelving is a very suitable option for use as an archive area.

They move on rails by operating a steering wheel and are totally safe. All documentation will be protected from dust and light. Moreover, as they are mobile shelving units, the space is fully optimised and all the available square metres are used.


Schools are busy on an almost daily basis and this translates into a high traffic of people. Groups of children and adolescents walk every day through corridors, classrooms, canteens, gymnasiums, laboratories and libraries. For all these reasons, it is important to have a resistant flooring that can withstand continuous use and will not be damaged by the mud or water that schoolchildren may carry in their shoes.

An interesting option is PVC flooring. It is a very resistant plastic floor covering that withstands daily use and cleaning without any problems. DESMON offers PVC flooring in continuous format or in square tiles. You can also choose from a wide range of colours.


As you have seen, at DESMON we have effective solutions for the design of school furniture. We manufacture safe, versatile and practical furniture of high quality. They are durable and aesthetically pleasing. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We can design and manufacture the ideal pieces of furniture for any school, college or academy.

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