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Space is the fundamental element when undertaking an office design project. It is undoubtedly advisable to optimise the square metres in order to achieve optimal spaces for employees to work in. Brightness is important and for this reason glass walls are clearly the preferred solution. This is where partitions with door come into play.

It can also happen that walls with opaque partitions have been installed and, following a redistribution of the space, new entrances are required. In such cases, it is also possible to produce openings that result in partitions with doors. The material of the door can be similar to that of the partition to fully integrate the new element.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture. We have carried out a large number of equipment projects in offices, workplaces and public facilities. Our experience has allowed us to see that, sometimes, facilities need to be reformed to adapt to the movement of workers, customers or goods. That is to say, where there was only one wall, it is necessary to create an access area.

In such cases, partitions with doors are an ideal solution. It is a proposal that does not require major building work and has an affordable cost. We explain it to you.


Screens with doors that are installed in offices and offices can have different designs. The ideal is to integrate the piece into the existing decoration. Panels can be manufactured in corporate colours or vinyls can be placed with messages or phrases.

If the project includes the installation of partitions with doors to delimit spaces, DESMON offers you several options. The simple door is the most common and also the most economical option. The width is usually the standard 60 cm but it is possible to customise it.

Depending on the type of activity carried out in the offices, it is possible to use large machinery. In such cases, if the door needs to be crossed, the width must be adjusted to these particularities.

Another option is to manufacture doors with double-leaf partitions. These are common in meeting rooms or boardrooms where there is a high number of people. In this case, the width of the leaves can also be adjusted.

In the case of partitions with glass doors, the customer can choose the thickness of the door. Finally, it is also possible to manufacture frames on the screen, although the mimetised doors provide a very interesting aesthetic plus.


If the company’s offices have natural light, it is worth taking advantage of this resource and making the most of it. In such cases, opaque walls are considerably reduced in the facilities. The best option is to opt for transparent glass partitions with integrated transparent doors.

In the case of partitions with glass doors, the door leaf is usually hinged. Depending on the thickness of the door, the acoustic insulation provided by the entire partition will be reinforced. A latch and lock can be fitted and it is also possible to fit smoked strips at a certain height on the door. In this way, a certain degree of privacy is achieved but the transmission of light throughout the office is not interrupted.

Another important issue is the aesthetics of glass walls. It is certainly an elegant option that can benefit the image of the company for visitors and potential customers.


Screens are the easiest and most economical way to create private spaces in the office. If you are looking for discreet areas that are out of sight, single-panel screens are a winning bet.

The possibilities are many and include the option of panelling the entire structure or combining an opaque part with a glass panel. This window can be fitted with louvred shutters that can provide visibility or provide a completely private space.

Whichever option is chosen, it is also possible to fit partitions with a door in blind panels. The door is panelled in the colour chosen for the rest of the wall and fitted with a latch and lock.

The hinges can be integrated into the structure and it is also possible to combine the panelling with aluminium profiles. In this way, a certain visual continuity with the possible windows is achieved.


If you are looking to fit out office spaces and do not want the works to take forever, choose DESMON. We have a multidisciplinary team that works in different areas. We can take care of the design of your office furniture and accessories. Afterwards, we will take care of the manufacture of all the elements. We will build the partitions, the movable walls and we will provide you with raised floors and false ceilings. Finally, we will take care of the installation of all the elements.

We only work with high quality materials and our design team is up to date with the latest trends in office decoration. In addition, we are in direct contact with the client and we attend to their needs, preferences and tastes.

Finally, we always meet delivery deadlines and we have a technical team that can take care of last minute adjustments.

If you need partitions with doors, contact DESMON. We specialise in customised solutions and will provide you with a tailor-made quotation.

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