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Teleworking has brought with it the need for home workspaces. Working at home is very common and one of the consequences of the covid19 pandemic. Indeed, during confinement, offices in small rooms became commonplace in homes. Many people were faced with the need to create a work area at home that met minimum conditions. The most common option was to set up the workplace in small rooms or small spaces. In this way, the aim was to be able to work without disrupting too much the daily activity in a house.

Today, the virus has been overcome, but offices in small rooms have remained. Many people continue to work from home and spend fewer days in the office.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture. Over the years we have helped many people to create offices in small rooms. With this article we want to offer tips and recommendations for a practical and functional area. Small space is perfectly compatible with a well-equipped location.


When deciding where to look for a place to work at home, there are a number of factors to take into account. Without a doubt, it is necessary to have a comfortable and effective place for the task. It is not true that you can work in any corner and in any way. The area is small, but it must be well equipped. In that way, it will be possible to concentrate on the activity and not to reduce our productivity.

The dimensions of the room are small but there are a number of elements that are essential. And all of them are compatible with a small space. Therefore, we will set up offices in small rooms that will be fully operational. These are the key and basic factors to achieve them.


The most interesting option is always natural light. If it is possible to have a work area that receives daylight, we will have much to gain. However, the incidence of light should be from the side of the desk. If the light is received from the front, it can cause glare and eyestrain. Similarly, the window should be fitted with curtains or blinds to filter the light.

Unfortunately, natural light is not always an option. It is often necessary to resort to artificial lighting. If this is the case, the best light to work with is cold white light. The intensity should be moderate and should shine diagonally across the desk. If the task requires greater brightness, the best solution is to use a flex or adjustable lamp. The LED option has a very long service life and results in considerable energy and cost savings.


One of the dangers of working in offices in small rooms is feeling “trapped”. This unpleasant feeling can affect the quality of work and reduce performance. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a feeling of spaciousness in this area and the right furniture can help to achieve this.



    First of all, the desk should be large enough to work comfortably. Space is needed for computer support (laptop or tablet), notebooks, mobile phone… If possible, the L-shaped desk is always a very good option because it provides extra space.



    The chair is another important element. DESMON always recommends the use of ergonomic chairs. They are undoubtedly comfortable, but more importantly, they are also healthy. The reason is that they facilitate proper posture and considerably reduce fatigue. Your back does not suffer, your neck is not strained and you can rest your arms.



    Of course, office work in small rooms also generates paperwork. This means that there is a need for storage space. However, the size of the space limits the options. In this case, the best option is to use drawer units that can be placed on one side under the desk. The drawers are deep and allow you to store documents or reports and free up space on the tabletop. Another alternative is to use shallow wall-mounted shelves. They are perfect for storing computer material and increase the feeling of spaciousness.



    The last piece of furniture advice concerns colour. In a small office you should always opt for light colours. White, beige, walnut or oak tones make the area look larger. In addition, these tones reflect light and multiply the brightness of the area. The same goes for chair upholstery. They should be light and neutral tones. Undoubtedly, this will make it necessary to take a little more care with the cleanliness of the chair but the office will be much more pleasant.


Office furnishings in small rooms should be minimalist. There can be little argument about that. It is a small space and if we place too many accessories we can make it even smaller. So the solution is “less is more”.

The best thing to do is to use vertical decoration. That means placing posters, pictures or vinyls on the wall. Lamps can also become an important decorative element.

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of placing some natural plants. The ideal is a variety that does not need a lot of natural light or frequent watering. Plants offer a natural touch and oxygenate the atmosphere of offices in small rooms.


A well-structured environment always makes for a conducive workplace. Tidiness is the best way to concentration and to a job well done. DESMON’s last tip is therefore to always have a tidy office. This means having a clear desk and the use of drawers or trays for filing documents. At the end of the working day, always clear the desk, put the chair back and make sure the space is clean and tidy. If clutter takes over the space, the office will look even smaller and more untidy. And it won’t make you want to get down to work.


DESMON has a long history and experience in office furniture. If you need help with the assembly and fitting out of offices in small rooms, we can help you. We are specialists in customised solutions and we work for companies and individuals.

Our multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and assembles all our pieces. We are up to date with the latest trends in office decoration and we offer excellent quality materials. If you need more information, please contact us and we will provide you with a customised quote.

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