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The optimal allocation of space in a workplace is vital. It is important to devote time and effort to resolving this issue. The basic factor is the correct arrangement of office desks. That is, how and where to place the desks. Doing this properly can make the best use of space and optimise resources. In addition, it is essential to facilitate the work of employees with the correct arrangement of desks. If the worker has everything he needs at hand and has a good location, his productivity will be higher.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture. Our years of experience have enabled us to equip countless workplaces. Throughout this experience we have been able to get to know the usual needs of employees. We have also found that the best distribution of office desks is always based on the needs of the workers. Nobody knows their work and what they need to do it better than they do.

In this article, we would like to offer some tips on how to arrange desks in an office. These are general ideas that should be adjusted according to the activity of the company and its workflow.


There is no doubt that open-plan offices are becoming more and more common. These are open-plan spaces where divisions are reduced to a minimum and there are few offices. In these cases, the optimal distribution of office desks is in groups. Normally, desks can be arranged in islands of 6 or 8 desks facing each other. In other words, the workers will look up and have a colleague in front of them whose face they can see. This was the most common way of arranging the tables in media newsrooms. Today it has spread to other sectors.

This arrangement of desks makes teamwork much easier. Many of a company’s projects involve different departments and, with this layout, communication is much more fluid. Usually, the offices that opt for this system have sufficient space and this facilitates the placement of large and spacious desks.

On the other hand, these types of workplaces usually have tables with large tabletops where meetings are usually held. These are central tables available to facilitate meetings or exchanges of views between different departments. When this area is to be isolated to provide a certain degree of privacy, movable partitions can be used. These structures can be deployed to create an enclosed area in a matter of seconds. At the end of the meeting, the sheets can be folded up to create an open space once again.


This way of arranging the tables in an office is easy to visualise. It is also typically used in schools and training rooms. The side of each table is usually next to the next table. In this case, communication with the colleague next to you is easy. However, it becomes more complicated if information has to be exchanged with an employee seated further away.

For all these reasons, this arrangement of office desks in rows is used in spaces where the work requires a little more concentration. The employee performs more individual work and does not need to discuss issues with colleagues. Thus, the noise level in these workplaces is rather low. On the other hand, storage spaces such as shelves are often placed close to the walls to maximise the space available and to make the tables more comfortable.


In principle, facing the wall may remind us of old punishments in even older schools. However, the wall-facing arrangement of office desks is used above all in offices and small spaces.

Instead of seeing the wall as a physical obstacle, the aim is to integrate it into the small workspace. It is therefore possible to place cork sheets and use the wall as a memo board. The idea is to extend the small space offered by the table vertically. If the “use” of the wall is dispensed with, it is important to make it more friendly. In this sense, it is possible to use wall coverings to create a more welcoming space. It is also worth remembering that we can place drawer units under the table or opt for an L-shaped desk that offers additional space.

Finally, there is one important issue in this table layout. It is important to ensure that the windows that allow light to enter the room are not directly behind the desk. If this is the case, the worker will have reflections on the computer screen and his or her eyesight will become very fatigued. If circumstances dictate this arrangement, it is important to install curtains or blinds to filter the light.


It is clear that the proper placement of desks and other office furniture is vital for the smooth running of an office. However, in addition to the correct placement of the desks, other factors must also be taken into account.

Whatever the layout of office desks in the workplace, it is important to focus on the following issues.

  • Light. Light should always shine sideways onto the workstation. Remember, light from the front or rear will create unpleasant reflections on the computer screen.
  • Chairs. In addition to a desk with sufficient space, it is important to have ergonomic chairs to increase comfort.
  • Shelving. Shelving can be used as a dividing element between different areas of the office.
  • Partitions. In the case of a large number of employees, it is advisable to install anti-contagion and transparent screens between each workstation. Since the advent of covid19 these made-to-measure panels have become more and more common.


DESMON offers high quality office furniture. We have a multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and assembles all our pieces. Our employees are always working in direct contact with the client. We know your needs and we optimise the space you have available. We are professionals and we can offer customised solutions.

If you need more information, please contact us and ask for a customised quote.

DESMON has a long history and extensive experience in office furniture. If you need help with the assembly and fitting out of offices in small rooms, we can help you. We are specialists in customised solutions and we work for companies and individuals.

Our multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and assembles all our pieces. We are up to date with the latest trends in office decoration and we offer excellent quality materials. If you need more information, please contact us and we will provide you with a customised quote.

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