Home & Office : How to organise your workspace at home

Home & Office : How to organise your workspace at home

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Home & office burst onto the scene in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. The confinement that was established in March 2020 forced many people to work from home. It was undoubtedly a significant change in the way people worked and interacted with colleagues. However, there was no choice but to protect the population and prevent an even more massive contagion than occurred.

Fortunately, the whole world has now overcome the pandemic, but working from home has become commonplace. Many companies are combining home & office with face-to-face work.

In 2020, most people had to find a quick solution to be able to work from home. It wasn’t easy but technology made it much easier. Now that time has passed and there is no threat just outside the front door we can spend more time setting up a home workspace.

At DESMON we are experts in office furniture and know the ideal conditions for employees to work comfortably. We know how to transfer the atmosphere we provide in an office to a home office. In this article we give you all the keys to a comfortable and functional home & office.


Antes de empezar a hablar del equipamiento y mobiliario necesario del home & office, conviene detenerse en el espacio que va a ocupar.


It is a working space and it must have certain conditions. Perhaps, at the time, due to the haste of confinement, there was not enough time to prepare it, but now we can do it.

Look for an environment that allows you a certain degree of isolation from what is happening in the rest of the house. As far as possible, avoid setting up near a bed or sofa. Also, rule out passageways such as corridors or hallways. The kitchen is not a good place either because there will always be people coming in to eat, drink or cook.

The home & office needs a quiet area for work only. It is not the place to eat, not the place to do homework with the “little ones” and not the place to play. If you don’t have much space, you can achieve some privacy by placing screens or partitions to delimit the space.


Working well requires a certain degree of concentration, that goes without saying. If you already have a quiet space, you can prepare it even more with small details. The colours of the walls and the surroundings are a very important factor.

Ideally you should work surrounded by neutral colours. Without a doubt white is a winning horse and also neutral colours such as light grey and beige. They are tones that invite introspection and make it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. If you prefer to add a little more colour, you can go for pastels in pink, blue or green.

Another interesting option is to go for warm materials that convey calm. Wallpaper is a good option because it also dampens noise transmission. On the other hand, it is also possible to cover the walls of this home & office with wood. The warmth of the material will help to achieve a calm environment that is ideal for working.


The third step is to provide the space with functional and comfortable furniture. First of all, the desk should be large enough to work at ease. It should have room for the computer, the screen and the necessary notebooks and diaries.

A very good option is to use a melamine desk. This is a very resistant, decorative material with finishes that imitate natural wood very closely. It is also very easy to clean.

When placing the desk, it is important not to overlook the appropriate distances and heights. The monitor should be at least 40 cm away from the user; from the keyboard to the edge of the table there should be at least 10 cm to support the wrists; a footrest is essential to support the feet. Finally, the height of the table must be sufficient to accommodate the chair when not working.

Regarding the chair, it is highly recommended that it is ergonomic and with wheels. This type of chair is very healthy for your back because you can adjust the height and depth of the seat. Ideally, they should have armrests so that you can have a much more natural sitting posture.

The last aspect related to comfort is lighting. It is clear that the ideal lighting should be natural and that it can be filtered by a curtain or blind. When it comes to artificial light, DESMON’s advice is to use When it comes to artificial light, DESMON’s advice is to use LED technology. This is a more economical and sustainable option. Remember to avoid reflections on the screen that can be annoying and strain your eyesight. This is a more economical and sustainable option. Remember to avoid reflections on the screen that can be annoying and strain your eyesight.


Once the 3 cornerstones are in place: environment, furniture and lighting, it is possible to complement the workspace at home with some more details.

Plants are always a good option. If you have the space, you can place a fence to help purify the air in the area. Some people also incorporate a cork board on the wall where they can place task notices or calendars. Last but not least, keep drawers and shelves handy. That way, you will have all the material accessible and you won’t have to get up and move to other areas of the house.


At DESMON we have a lot of experience in equipping workplaces and offices. We have the most functional office furniture and can offer you options for your home & office. Our catalogue of tables and chairs is very extensive and we also have storage spaces.

Our team is multidisciplinary and takes care of the design, manufacture and assembly of all our pieces. We only work with high quality materials and offer customised solutions.

If you would like more information, please contact us and get a tailor-made quote.

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