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When it is time to equip a work center, it is important to think about the furniture. Without a doubt, it must be useful, functional, comfortable and decorative. In most offices there are a number of essential office furniture.

Certainly, the best source of information, when choosing the equipment, are the workers themselves. They will explain how they work and what they need to achieve a good performance. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask their opinion.

It is clear that tables and chairs are essential for office work. On the other hand, despite the constant digitalization, it is important to have storage space for paper documents. This implies the need for shelving and drawer units. And finally, a piece of furniture that arrived with covid-19 to stay: partitions.

At DESMON we know that these 5 essential pieces of office furniture form the backbone on which all the office equipment and distribution is organized. They are a constant in all the projects we have developed over the years. We describe each of them and expand on them.


The desk is the employee’s main working area. He or she spends an average of 8 hours a day at the desk and it is important that he or she is comfortable and can concentrate on work. A good desk should be the right size. That means having enough space for a computer, telephone, notebooks, lamps and office supplies.

At DESMON we know that a 160×80 cm wide desk is a good start. Then we add a 1m x 55 cm wide auxiliary wing that offers extra space for meetings with 1 or 2 colleagues. The storage space is completed with 2 or 3-drawer bins on castors.

This office desk is usually placed in an L-shape and offers the necessary space to be able to carry out daily tasks in total comfort.

Mobiliario de oficina imprescindible | DESMON


Of course, the office chair deserves special attention. First of all, because the employee will spend many hours sitting in it and it is important that it is of good quality. Why is that? Well, if you have a good chair, you will not have back and neck pain. Consequently, absenteeism and even sick leave will be considerably reduced.

Regarding this second essential piece of office furniture, DESMON suggests that you opt for an ergonomic chair. This is a piece in which you can adjust the height and depth of the backrest, the seat and even the armrests. It can have lumbar reinforcement to protect that area of the back and also an auxiliary piece to rest the neck and take care of the cervical vertebrae. The material is breathable and cool and should always have wheels that glide comfortably. Undoubtedly, if there is one piece worth investing in, it is the office chair.

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Storage space is still essential in offices. It is true that the paper format is being increasingly reduced and replaced by digital media, but it is still necessary to have shelving and cupboards.

In offices it is very common to have a filing area where all documentation and information can be stored. It is interesting that it is a solid type of furniture, which guarantees good conservation and is accessible. In this sense, at DESMON we recommend mobile shelving for archives. These are pieces that move on rails by operating a handwheel. With this system, space is optimised and a very versatile filing area is achieved.

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Space is a precious commodity in offices. It is important to make the best use of every square meter available. It is true that it is becoming more and more common to have information in digital format. However, private spaces are also necessary for each worker to store documents or reports.

For this, there is nothing better than drawer units and filing cabinets. They are auxiliary pieces that facilitate organization and order at the desk. Drawer units have dimensions that allow them to be placed under the desk or next to the side table. In addition, most of them have wheels and can be easily moved.

On the other hand, it is also possible to choose the number of drawers and opt for models that include a key and lock. Thanks to this, any document can be kept safe.

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The covid-19 pandemic introduced many changes in office work. Without a doubt, teleworking has become commonplace and is combined with face-to-face work. On top of that, covid showed us how easy it is to become infected in a closed room full of people. To prevent this, partition walls were installed, which are here to stay and have become essential office furniture.

They protect the worker, offer some privacy and even dampen the noise around them. Another very interesting factor is that the partitions are transparent and facilitate continuous visual contact. This makes it possible for employees to continue working as a team and at the same time feel protected.

Muebles de oficina imprescindibles | DESMON


The conclusion is that it is important to have the right size table and an ergonomic chair. Shelving, drawers and filing cabinets for storage areas and transparent partitions that offer protection and visual contact.

If you start with these 5 premises, you will surely end up planning an office that favours productivity and increases the performance of your workers. At DESMON we can offer you all the help you need. We have a multidisciplinary team that designs, manufactures and installs all our office furniture.

We are experts in offering customised solutions based on the available space, the company’s activity, the number of workers and the available budget. If you need more information, please contact us and we will help you.

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