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The bedroom is a room of vital importance. For some it is just a place for rest and relaxation; for others, it also becomes a study or play area. There is no doubt that the furniture chosen must fit the space and be useful and welcoming. This is where bedroom wardrobes come into play.

You can opt for a traditional model or a built-in wardrobe. In addition, you can choose different types of doors to make the most of the space. The inside of the wardrobe can be customised with shelves, drawers or baskets. Ideally, it should be functional, practical, accessible and of high aesthetic value.

Another interesting option is made-to-measure bedroom wardrobes. Sometimes, the dimensions of the space are reduced and it is necessary to have wardrobes of an exact size that is far from the standard.

At DESMON we have a department that designs, manufactures and assembles bedroom wardrobes. We are specialists in offering customised solutions that adapt to the space available. In this article we would like to talk to you about wardrobes for bedrooms and how we work with customised models. Choosing made-to-measure wardrobes and dressing rooms can be the solution you are looking for to decorate your bedroom. Do you dare?


When choosing between different bedroom wardrobes, the first thing to consider is the available space. This will determine the width of the wardrobe, the height and also the type of doors to be installed.

If there is sufficient height in the room, DESMON’s advice is to install a model that reaches up to the ceiling. In this way, occasional or bulky items can be stored in the upper part of the wardrobe.

If we are talking about an adult room dedicated solely to rest, you can opt for bedroom or dressing room wardrobes. In this case, it is interesting to include mobile shelves and areas with rails that allow clothes to be hung up. In addition, it is interesting to set aside spaces for storing shoes and other accessories.

If it is a youth or children’s bedroom, at DESMON we recommend modular wardrobe types. These allow for simple changes in the layout and the design can be better adjusted to the growth of the boys or girls.

Another basic question when choosing wardrobes for bedrooms is to choose the right doors. Let’s take a look at the most common options.


These are wardrobes that have two doors and can be opened from the inside out. To install this type of door in bedroom wardrobes, all that is needed is a front space that allows the doors to open fully and move in front of them.

These wardrobe models are suitable for spacious and roomy bedrooms. In addition, in many cases a mirror can be attached to one of the doors and this can be done on the inside or outside.

At DESMON we have a wide range of options for this type of door. We offer you the possibility to choose the type of wood and finish you want to give it. We also have a large catalogue of handles and door hangers.


If you have a small room, bedroom wardrobes with sliding or folding doors are ideal. The doors slide to the ends and never get in the way. It is also possible to equip the front of the door with a mirror, if you wish.

Mobility in front of the wardrobe is total because there are no doors to impede it. The interior can also be customised to make access to the wardrobe easy and practical.

The small size of the bedroom is not at odds with good taste and the choice of this type of wardrobe is a wise choice.

And you….Do you already know which wardrobe is the best for your bedroom? Consult DESMON for our custom-made works, as well as the products and services we offer you, and we will help you create the perfect bedroom wardrobe!


Made-to-measure wardrobes are the ideal choice for small rooms or bedrooms. The secret is to make the most of all available space in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.

Fitting wardrobes up to the ceiling to take advantage of the height or equipping the interior with drawers, pull-out trays or folding baskets will make it easier to optimise space. In this way, it is possible to design and manufacture bedroom wardrobes with space for clothes and shoes.

Similarly, small space is not the only factor that facilitates the installation of made-to-measure bedroom wardrobes. Sometimes these models are the ideal choice for making the most of awkward spaces or small architectural flaws. It is not uncommon to find bedrooms with a wall that, due to construction work, has been split by a beam. It is in these cases when the made-to-measure wardrobe becomes the perfect option to efficiently cover and/or decorate any bedroom.

Made-to-measure wardrobes are a practical and useful option to make the most of the dimensions of the room. They can be fully equipped on the inside with drawers and rods for hanging clothes.


Now you have all the information about the options for bedroom wardrobes. However, the best thing to do is to put yourself in the hands of professionals to make the most of the space you have available.

Our team can design, manufacture and assemble the ideal wardrobe for your room or bedroom. We only work with extra quality materials and combine practical and functional models with modern designs adapted to the space.

If you need more information about standard bedroom wardrobes or are looking for custom made models, please contact us. We will offer you facilities and a personalised quote.

At DESMON we make each made-to-measure wardrobe a different project, personalised to the needs of each client.

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