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When the decision is made to go to a sports centre, different variables are looked for. It is important that the centre has good equipment, professional monitors and also clean and spacious changing rooms and toilets. In another article of the DESMON blog we have already dealt with showers, today we are going to talk about how bathrooms  for sports centres should be.

At DESMON we have been involved in fitting out the facilities of several sports centres and we have designed equipment for changing rooms. Users highly value the appearance and cleanliness of the bathrooms. It is undoubtedly one of the issues that influences the decision to go to one sports centre or another. In this post we give you all the keys to get the best bathrooms for sports centres.


First of all, we are going to review the number of bathrooms that should be built in a sports centre. The ideal way to do this is to check what the legislation says. The recommendations put the number of toilets at 1 per 25 people.

With that figure in mind we only have to check how many people attend the sports centre to get the right number of toilets. In addition, we have to take into account that we always have to make some of them suitable for people with disabilities. That means enlarging the dimensions of the space and placing suitable toilets.


Once it has been decided how many bathrooms are needed, it is necessary to determine the equipment they should have. It goes without saying that, depending on the budget, different types of sanitary ware and furniture can be installed. This will have a positive effect on the decoration and design of the space.

Leaving aside the economic amount, there are a series of elements that should always be present in bathrooms for sports centres. We review them.


The dimensions of a cabin range from 90 cm wide, 150 cm deep and about 2 metres high. In most models, the door does not reach the floor to facilitate ventilation and access.

The most suitable option for the structure is to opt for sanitary cabins made of phenolic material. The benefits are numerous because they are easy to install, offer privacy thanks to the locking system and, above all, are highly hygienic.


Toilets must be firmly fixed to the wall or floor. DESMON always recommends that the water supply is via a flushometer. The reason is that it is much more hygienic than the flushing cistern.

When the mechanism is activated, the flushometer provides a smaller quantity of water than the flush but it comes out at much higher pressure. It also lasts less time. All this ensures that the hygienic conditions of the toilet are guaranteed and cleaning is more thorough and effective. On the other hand, the water and energy savings are considerable.

Finally, DESMON recommends the installation of paper dispensers and the removal of the classic rolls. Firstly, because dispensers are much more hygienic and protect the paper. This factor provides a very appropriate hygiene bonus. In addition, the use of the material is more economical, whereas rolls, because they do not have a limiter, create a much higher cost.


Hand washbasins in bathrooms for sports facilities should be placed at a comfortable height for the user. They should ideally be between 80 and 90 cm above the floor.

On the other hand, it is also important to pay attention to the positioning of the drainage channels. Intense use of washbasins in sports centres can cause clogging and a good way to avoid this is to give the drainage pipes a suitable drop. Professionals usually place them about 55 cm above the floor. It is also a good idea to install aerators on taps to save water without losing pressure.

The toilet should always include hot and cold water and soap dispensers. For drying, it is best to use pre-cut paper towels.


Bathroom floors for sports facilities should always be slip-resistant. And it must fulfil this function in both wet and dry conditions. This will prevent mishaps or accidents for users.

In addition, the floor must be waterproof and antibacterial. Of course, it is an area where the proliferation of bacteria and fungi must be prevented. Ideally, the surface should be continuous, without cracks or holes where bacterial agents can reproduce.

Another very important issue is that the flooring must be easy to clean. It is very important that it resists the action of hygienic and disinfectant products. Finally, it is essential to have a constant cleaning plan for bathrooms.


At DESMON we can take care of the design and construction of changing rooms and bathrooms for sports centres. We always work with high quality materials and, in this case, prepared to withstand humidity and heat.

If you need more information, please contact DESMON. We have a multidisciplinary team that takes care of the design, manufacture and assembly of all our pieces. We work in direct contact with the customer and we always meet delivery deadlines. Contact us and get a tailor-made quotation full of personalised solutions.

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