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The widest range of Office Equipment and Furniture.

DESMON is a company dedicated to Office Equipment and Furniture, founded in 1974.

We are industrial manufacturers specialising in the following products: Movable partition walls, dividing screens, wardrobes and dressing rooms with sliding, folding or folding doors and their interiors, dividing screens, technical floors (accessible and continuous), sanitary cabins, lockers in phenolic panels and compact MDF.

DESMON con nuestro equipo especializado conseguimos junto a nuestros clientes crear nuevos espacios o remodelar los existentes para dar un mejor entorno de diseño y calidad.

DESMON trabajamos con todo tipo de clientes, desde pequeñas empresas y franquicias hasta grandes constructoras y corporaciones. Estamos presentes en todo el mercado nacional e internacional.

Protective screens
for shops and offices

Seguridad con las mamparas protectoras

Desmon anti-contagion screens are suitable for tabletops and counters in pharmacies, tobacconists and shops of all kinds. Our made-to-measure screens are the most effective preventive element against the spread of COVID-19.

They are easy to install without the use of specialised tools and serve as protection against direct contact between workers and customers. An indispensable piece to install in your business; made of a very resistant, yet light and easy to clean material.

mamparas covid-19 para separar espacios - Desmon

Our products

Office Equipment and Furniture

Movable partitions, partition walls, wardrobes and dressing rooms, Phenolic cabins, Phenolic lockers, raised floors.

Customer care and service

DESMON, thanks to the high commitment and professionalism of its team, is able to provide a complete service to the customer:

  • Request for quotation
  • Site visit
  • Study of plans
  • Drawing up of estimates
  • Preparation of the project with a high level of design and quality advice.
  • Delivery of certificates
  • Taking of final measurements on site
  • Manufacture
  • Supply with own logistics
  • Assembly
  • After-sales service

Movable partitions, partition walls, wardrobes and dressing rooms

Tabiques móviles

Movable partitions are the best solution for those spaces that need to be compartmentalised in a linear way, adapting the space to the needs of the moment.

A folding partition can have different types of guides and rails depending on how the panels are to be stored.

Mamparas divisorias para oficinas

We manufacture all our Office Screens innovating and applying the design trends and with the best technical solutions in the manufacturing process, with the professional Screens our aim is to provide the best solution for the compartmentalisation of spaces.

Armarios y vestidores a medida

We are manufacturers of made-to-measure fitted wardrobes for bedrooms, dressing rooms and lounges, our prices are competitive and adjusted to each project.

We offer the best options for walk-in wardrobes that adapt to the space and budget of our customers.

Cabinas sanitarias para vestuarios

The sanitary cabins offer different solutions for the compartmentalisation of bath or shower areas. With a design, resistance and quality, the phenolic bathroom cabins are the best option, covering all these requirements of interior design and functionality.

Trabajos a medida

DESMON develops tailor-made projects. Our team is fully trained to create together with the client an integral tailor-made project.

Throughout our history we have created spaces for pharmacies, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, offices, supermarkets, shops, large buildings, private homes… etc.

We like to have new objectives and study the possibilities of design and different finishes without any limitation.

In DESMON we have a wide range of technology in the latest generation machinery (CNC, robots…etc) that allows us to reach all types of projects delivering a high quality product.

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